The basic car maintenance project content has what? Once clear to you, do not be a pit

Car ownership in our country now Is to gradually increase the Car’s penetration Is quite high, but people buy a Car although many people really understand the Car a little, mostly just to drive, for maintenance know nothing about Cars. Once encountered a problem can only go to the 4S shop or Auto repair maintenance department, in the process of repair can only be blindly lIsten to the explanation of the maintenance workers, yourself do not know, do not know if there Is a pit, anyway Every service Care needs to spend a lot of money. Even the pit can not do anything. Today I come to tell you about the popularity of the content of the basic Car maintenance project, once clear to you, avoid the pit again.

The first, oil

Is also known as lubricating oil, its main function Is to lubricate, cooling, absorption and reduced engine wear and cushioning. Therefore, the engine oil Is also known as “blood.” So the type of engine oil are what it?

1, fully synthetic engine oil: oil having such excellent high temperature performance, longer life cycle and a wider range of use of the vehicle, the vehicle can be adapted to the poor performance of . It was all these little so the price of thIs type of oil Is also higher than other types of oil. In general replaced once thIs type of oil can run about 10000-12000 km and then be replaced. ThIs type of oil if they do not often drive, and emulsified oil Will lose its function.

2, semi-synthetic oil: a first type of such oil and oil Will be worse by contrast, the replacement cycle Is generally about 8000 to 10,000 km , some of the relative balance of price and performance.

3, mineral oil: engine oil change intervals of such a short Is about 5000 km need to be replaced, thIs type of oil and synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil contrast, little difference , it Is not recommended to use thIs type of oil.

Second, three filter replacement.

refers to Car three oil filter Cartridge filter, air filter and air filter. Oil filterCleaning Cartridge Is used to filter the oil, the oil Is mainly used to remove dust, metal particles, soot, dust particles and other impurities, and the engine can be protected. HIs replacement cycle and the oil Is the same, we need to replace the filter every time the oil change.

Is the air filter for filtering air, in front of the engine to ensure the engine intake cleaner. Usually be replaced according to their usage, under normal circumstances Is 20,000 km or replaced every two years, every time when you can come up with the maintenance of clean up, but it Is best not to blow with an air gun, to prevent large pores, Will not achieve the role of cleaning.

Function air filter Is to filter the air inside the vehicle, in order to prevent dust from entering the vehicle driving environment impact, may be the first half or second half of the year according to the situation replaced once, in order to ensure that the air environment of the Car.

The third, Automobile antifreeze.

antifreeze name suggests Is to prevent freezing in winter, summer, and boiling scale and corrosion effects, also known as the coolant. HIs cycle of about 60,000 km in four years. Check the antifreeze body, hIs vessel had the maximum and minimum two symbols, the replacement time can not exceed the maximum, minimum, they also can not be lower than the minimum, thIs must pay attention to good to check.

So, if our Car Is not very harsh environment, each maintenance time to do some basic maintenance on it, no more than necessary and then spend money to do other maintenance, maintenance every time I go Will be recommended by a lot of maintenance projects, plus time charge of what, seven count eight count need a lot of money, in order to avoid the pit good to know in advance the relevant Car knowledge Is still very necessary.

do you know about Car maintenance project was there? Every time I go maintenance Will befall wonderful things?