The basic car maintenance knowledge you know?

The basic Car maintenance knowledge

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First, the lubricating effect of “oil” Is It Is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the engine lubricant, which Is a specific role of lubricating metal parts, reduce friction between the parts, the tremendous heat generated by the engine during work away, fine metal debrIs generated by wear after cleaning, sealing as well as the role of shock absorption, rust, etc., so to choose a suitable Car engine oil Will directly affect the life of the vehicle. The total lubricant requirements are:

1, anti-friction wear, reduce the frictional resIstance to save energy, reduce wear to mechanical life, improving economic efficiency;

2, was cooled, the friction heat required at any time from the plane;

3, sealed, leak-proof requirements, dust, gas leak;

4, rust corrosion claimed friction surface against foreign oil deterioration or erosion;

5, flushed clean, the required cleaning dirt exclusion friction area;

6, buffering stress dIspersion, dIspersion and damping cushion the impact load and ;

7, kinetic energy, hydraulic systems and other remote motor and a continuously variable friction.

Second, how to determine the oil change? Users Q: Automobile manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals of 10,000 km. But in fact I generally very short trip to a year to reach 10,000 km. I ask, at what time should I change the oil? In respect of former oil change Is not reached 10,000 km in mileage? In such cases should generally be appropriate advance replacement of oil, rather than waiting until the mileage over 10,000 kilometers before replacing. ThIs Is because a short-stroke, frequent start-stop Car, the engine Is relatively low temperatures, and condensate unburned matter Will enter the sump. Therefore, frequent starts and stops the greatest harm to the Car, runOil to bear load Is heaviest. Further, the engine cold start phase of the heaviest wear. In order to ensure a reasonable period of oil change, Car manufacturers are generally given in two units of the lubricating oil change intervals: every Car enough to run a certain number of miles or every certain amount of time you should change the oil. In addition, Car manufacturers in general vehicle maintenance manual lIsted with routine maintenance and maintenance of two conditions harsh, if your vehicle Is often in less demanding situations, oil change period should be shorter than the conventional half:

1 with frequent short, mileage 8 km or less;.

2. with at muddy or dusty; .

3 long or frequent idling stop start;

4 hot weather;.

5. in the area with the road salt (or similar material);.

6 traveling on a rough road or mountain;

7. the top of the trailer or Car consignment rack.

Third, when an oil change Is not to change the filter at the same time? Pair, while replacement of the filter when an oil change. Although the filter looks pretty good, but in fact it has a large number of deposits and wear metals adsorbed on the above, if you do not replace the filter, these deposits and metal debrIs Will enter the new oil. It Is worth noting that these adsorbed on the dirt filter Will not only cause immediate wear of engine parts, but also accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil, shortening the life of the oil. Fourth, the oil out of mIsunderstanding, a wide range of oil on the market, do not choose expensive Car owners should choose only selected pair. For a user, the selection of the internal combustion engine oil. First select the quality grade of oil, followed by the selection of vIscosity grade oil.

1, quality level selection:

A, in strict accordance with a predetermined engine oil specification factory oil selected quality level, the quality level should be based on principle not on the high low, you can use higher quality level required by the oil. Not use lowOil to the required quality level.

b, according to the engine’s production, the severity of the operating conditions selected from oil. Factory shorter period, a relatively high compression gasoline, optional longer SJ, SL and SM Series oils, factory life, low compression ratio gasoline Car may make use of SG series of oil. Frequent start urban roads, parking; high-speed high-load operating conditions such as boost diesel harsher selection CI-4, CH-4, in the low boost operating conditions such as load and moderate diesel selection CF-4, and other products.

2, selected vIscosity grades: temperature range according to the environment, taking into account the engine operating conditions of the engine or vehicle, old and new, the degree of wear, the appropriate choice of the oil vIscosity. Winter or northern United States, according to the environmental temperature and condition of the vehicles chosen 0W / 30,0W-40,0W-50 (arctic regions), 5W / 30,5W / 40,5W-50 (cold regions), 10W / 30, 10W / 40,10W-50 (north of the Great Wall) and other oil products, summer or southern United States, the choice of 15W / 40,15W-50,20W / 50,50 and other oil products according to the environmental temperature and condition of the vehicles. General long oil change intervals of high-grade oil should be selected 10W, 5W, summer and winter seasons Universal Oil 0W series. Gasoline × W-40 should be chosen or × W-50, (× 0,5,10 etc. on behalf of the low temperature vIscosity), Cars, heavy-duty diesel vehicles should be selected reload × W-50 oil, the engine racing to ensure the highest safety speed of 8500 revolutions / hydraulic stability and shear properties under high temperature and high shear per minute heavy duty diesel vehicles, and heavy-duty high temperature and pressure.