Teach you the recipe car routine maintenance methods

now the Car Is still very large amount of popularity, basically like the more developed cities, a Car Is no problem, so the Car maintenance have become very popular, as the saying goes, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car hard, words that are true, the cost of maintenance of the Car cheaper than buying a Car, then Xiao Bian gave you today man Fuli Car under routine maintenance, I believe that people can read my article, save a lot of maintenance cost.

(1) First, we use a normal Car.

when traveling excessively speeding, overloading, to avoid rapid acceleration, driving at a constant speed as much as possible. In thIs case the Car Is quite good, have a great impact on overloading speeding Car. Of course, for safety reasons, we should not have to travel too fast.

(2) regular maintenance

aspects of the course, in addition to travel and daily maintenance of the Car Is also very important. Some vehicles emit qualified the factory, but the course Will be a lot of problems, so their Car needs maintenance, if maintenance Is not timely, because of the high emIssions Will lead to more pollution. Sometimes still need to spend some money to go to 4s shops do do Car maintenance. After all, they do not really understand the Car, so it Is easy to neglect the aspects of the Car lost a lot of problems. Regular maintenance indIspensable.

(3) the correct oil, the use of clean fuels

As we all know, the difference between the gasoline throttle when they are not feeling the acceleration, plus pollution Is also very serious, so we still need to add better Car gasoline and oil for their engines better, after all, Is the core engine of a Car place.

(4) no random change of the vehicle resulting in a dIscharge abnormality.

Today’s young people are like something cool, so the Car modification Will become very common, but if random alterations may affect the safety of Automobiles, but also impact of Car maintenance, so even like modified Car, but also in moderation.

(5) Select “Green Tire”

The so-called “green tire”, also known as environmental pollution tire or tire. “Green” mainly held at without losing its original good grip performance, low rolling resIstance tires, reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emIssions, effectively protect the environment. In the early 1990s, the tire engineer found that if specially treated silica materials to replace traditional Carbon black reinforced tread rubber of the tire can not only reduce the contamination of Carbon black and Carcinogenic aromatic oil by tire wear air, while the rolling resIstance of the tire becomes small, fuel consumption, reduce emIssions, and greater environmental effects.

(6) reduce the effects of vehicle pollution

were not free to interior decoration; inferior Car without perfume or air fresheners; in case serious traffic jam, or may follow excessive exhaust emIssions when the vehicle Is running, the window should be closed, the air conditioner, heater circulation mode from the switch to the vehicle; regularly check the engine cover and the chassIs Is leaking, the exhaust gas when the Car has found when the leak, not open air, not to sleep in the open air Car to avoid danger; in the use of air conditioning Will be sucked into a lot of dust, dirt form, over time, mildew, and then dIstribute to the Car through the air conditioning, in the Car easily inhaled, at regular intervals, the air conditioner to the maximum speed, blowing half hour can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust; close attention to the intake port article removed, the normal air circulation.