Teach you how to choose and maintain tires

the following knowledge into the small Car class question.

you want to chat with the tire, in fact, many of my friends to use the tires still poorly understood. Over the years many of my friends asked me all kinds of questions about the tires, including tires, maintenance tire change and so on, these Issues today, I have done some classified summary, I am glad to share with everyone, of course, we must first be sure from basic to chatting. I remember that the tire Is a set of numbers, thIs set of figures it in the end what Is the meaning? ThIs group of several figures it Is referring to the specifications of tires, representative of the size of the tire. Such as common specification, slash 205 fifty-five fifteen XXVI, where 205 Is the nominal width of the tire, and a height of 55 representative of the ratio of the width, height represents 55% of the tire width. The greater the value representative of the tire Is relatively thicker. The smaller the flat tire Representative R, represents a radial tire.

ride comfort, fuel economy

and now most are radial tires, tires, tires on behalf of the Fund represents 16 to 16 6J inches and specifications for 1616 multiplied by the corresponding agreement. In fact, a lot of people after buying a new Car, like a tire to pay big bucks for a good brand, they feel better and safer performance. I do not know that for thIs phenomenon, flat brother how do you see? Yes, thIs kind of thing really a lot, now I want to remind you, do not blindly follow thIs practice. First of all I would like to remind you that changing a tire must be Careful. You buy a Car, if you think thIs tire Is not good, you want to change the brand of tire, then think big brands Is the best, thIs idea Is wrong, and Why? In fact, because the process of developing tires for the Car have done the appropriate development and tuning, and matching the Car Is very good, it Will do when it comes to the corresponding development and tuning, which in the end has done some development and tune?

fuel economy

I think thIs Is really a service engineer OEMs in a good, or a specialIsts can with you to talk to. Is that, in most of the domestic Automobile plant Will be based on Car chassIs features, do the most professional tire development and matching. The main development projects include handling stability,Ride comfort, fuel economy, noIse and Automatic control the size of the snow dry and wetlands Automatic in nature, there Is a bad way of anti-impact, wear and tear of life, and finally aging properties so these tests, cumulative mileage have generally have more than 500,000 kilometers. So in so many performance requirements, original equipment tires Will do the development and optimization of corresponding repeated for so much performance. I used to do a general company, its general requirement Is to do tire debug and optimize more than three rounds. Which I remember once a project which has a front and rear tire in two years, a total of six optimized, and finally meet the requirements models. So first wife tire and matching models in general Will be better.

some other more fit your feet

on the application of tires or poorly understood

I like for your feet to customize a pair of shoes, that would surely be some other more suitable for your feet. The image Is very, very reasonable. In fact, for it Is the Car itself, the tires really very important, but for different road tires are different. I do not know about thIs, for a variety of road use in all kinds of tires, which Is a basic principle of a tire, which Is mainly reflected in the tread pattern of the tire tread pattern, because it Is not the same, it Is the pursuit of tires performance Is not the same, it has to adapt to the road surface Is not the same.

racing tires

For example, you use such as Car tires, high grip hIs ability to pursue , the tread grooves less than normal, or even like F1 racing tires, and it Is no pattern. It uses trench grooves of the tire off-road vehicles particularly deep, but very many, very complex shape, Is to adapt to the needs of a variety of complex grip the road surface. Most of our users are generally to the main road, so the pattern in order to pursue grip comfort highway, there are quieter, they are often the groove Is very small, and very small.

Is how to maintain the

I remember to buy the tires were finIshed, I quite like to hear how he maintenance of about tire maintenanceThing, I want to give you some advice. My first point Is a tire pressure, tire pressure Is a tire’s life, if the low tire pressure, tire puncture occurs. Drum kits cracking and things like that, so that we usually have to always check the tire pressure, tire pressure to ensure compliance with the design requirements. Of course, now many models gradually match, TPMS Is too much pressure monitoring system, eliminating the trouble we check the tire pressure. Conditional I suggest themselves to install thIs configuration, when buying a Car or on the choice of corresponding configuration Is high, then thIs set with the system, if the sale does not say if thIs configuration, it Is possible sale go to the home improvement market, finally hit the tire pressure, if too high, comfort Is not decreased Assembly, tires can also cause uneven wear, Is Will shorten its life.

The second point I would say that a tire wear

The second point I would say that a tire wear, worn limit the problem, because many people ask Is to say at what time I want to change tires, each tire has a top limit wear a logo, thIs logo Is sure to want to change stations, it simply says that Is the tire tread If you look there Is 1-2 mm of the groove, thIs time Is fast finIsh, and thIs time Is sure to replace the. In my long-term experimental data and experience, if the tire work, he’s a dIstance in a brake wetlands Will grow more than twice, for road safety Is very unfavorable.

The third point I would say that when parallel parking, many people Will tire along the road close to the park, so it Is prone to tire and scraping along the road, thIs Is a very common phenomenon, so easily measured fetal damage, wear and tear caused by a sidewall, scratches, and even leak, it Will bring a lot of tire safety hazard. A long time, the tires may occur drum kits, and even high-speed puncture, it Is recommended that we have to protect the good side of the tire tread. ThIs Is Why we are driving coaches let everyone be sure to check the Car before, be sure to turn around in the vehicle, with particular emphasIs on the situation to check the tire sidewall Is speaking and tires, I think you really understand it all today it Is very important!