Switch to winter tires

Winter tires provide greater safety, but unfortunately they also have higher fuel consumption.

If you live in one of the UK’s regions, you should choose winter tyres, such as the Scottish Highlands and rural areas, so it is a good idea to do this before the beginning of the first frost.

Summer tires often have two or three times the braking distance than winter tires on a slippery surface.

Many people are surprised when they skate on the first days of icy and icy roads. You have to get used to driving in these conditions and find the vehicle limits again

The special of winter tires.

The surface of winter tires is different from traditional tires and has better traction in cold and freezing. You must still be cautious, because even if your car is equipped with winter tires, there is no guarantee that you will always get the traction you get in the summer. The weather conditions will still be a problem, but not a lot.

Winter tires have more profile than summer tires and therefore offer a larger surface area, which is more effective in snow and sleet. At the same time, the rubber is softer so that they have more traction when the road is slippery. Winter tires wear off faster because they are more flexible and softer, and you use more fuel when driving with winter tires. Therefore, it is important to change the winter tires as late as possible, but before the first frost. It is also important to reuse summer tires as soon as the frost disappears in the spring. Fuel consumption is undoubtedly a good incentive given the current price of fuel.