Summer vehicle maintenance tips, you know?

Summer Is approaching, we all know to be a good sunscreen to avoid sunburn, in fact, the Car Is also true, long stop at the outdoor exposure, the same problems Will arIse, especially in thIs several parts, either parking or traffic require a lot of attention in the summer. Here take a look at the Car maintenance knowledge introduced in summer.

First, the air-conditioning to a large washing

Many owners often vehicle use Is not problems Will not be big moves. Among them, a lot of air conditioning throughout the year does not wash owners. However, the use of Car air conditioning in summer Will be very frequent, so do a thorough cleaning Is necessary. Not only outside the clean smell after washing, the suction inlet for a long time does not clean up a lot of dust, dirt and bacteria, can affect health. It should be noted that clean air portion comprIsing: a condenser Cars, which Will directly affect the cooling effect of air-conditioning condenser are usually mounted at the front ,, and the tank together with the cleaning leaves are taken to prevent clogging of the fins affect the cooling effect; air filter with a long It Will turn black, washed on the filter during the cleaning of debrIs and dust from the surface.

Second, the Automotive Interior

Most plastic Car interior member main , prolonged exposure Is not only easy to fade, aging, and whether it Is new or used Car, it Will increase the volatile formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the cabin, ranging from odor Will occur, serious and even lead to cancer, Carcinogenic, harmful to human health, summer should multi-ventilation. In particular encounter hot and humid weather, the bacteria grow more easily. Upholstery cleaners can buy some goods for interior Automotive beauty shops married to conduct a thorough clean-up.

Third, the antifreeze

Not only Is the antifreeze frozen when it Is not cold, but also having antirust, anti-boil, Calc function. Of course, buying a new Car after the first two years without replacement, antifreeze but after a “period of insurance” should be replaced regularly. Summer antifreeze evaporation of fast, should always check whether a lack of coolant, to replenIsh the brand of antifreeze, not the other HunchongBrand of antifreeze. Suitable to keep the engine operating temperature.

Fourth, the tire

Because of the high ambient temperature in summer, the tire slow cooling, increased pressure Will follow, can lead to tire burst. Therefore, during traveling at high temperatures, to be noted that the tire temperature and pressure, should always check the tire pressure to maintain a predetermined standard. If the tire temperature Is too high, we must not use the method to reduce the temperature of the cold water, so that due to different degrees of shrinkage portions tread and sidewall rubber layer caused cracks. Before the summer long dIstances to the tires checked for cracks, aging and, if repaired should be replaced. During travel due to temperature rIse, the gas expands, some of the parts and thin or damaged area, two combined effects, it Is easy to puncture. Further, preferably nitrogen into the tire, because the Inert gas stability, despite the high temperature heating, gas does not over-expansion, thereby avoiding a puncture.

Fifth, paint

like paint the Car’s face, exposed site Is the most direct exposure to the sun, if not pay attention to the usual Care and cleaning, paint cracks, no longer gloss front …… maybe just two or three years before opening the Car, but it Will give birth to five or six or even seven or eight years old state, if prolonged outdoor parking, the best cover sewing. Also, do not wash in the hot sun, that would cause cracking paint, and do not wash after exposure to the sun, it should be dry or air dry in the shade.