Summer vehicle maintenance Daquan, these maintenance You do not know

[master Car: Car maintenance] unwittingly have entered late July, the weather Is getting hotter and hotter, our life today can not do without air conditioning, hot summer Will not only allow us too much, there Will be some Car failures because of the weather, the master today to give us summer Car Care Daquan.

fuel filter, junior high school teacher said thermal expansion and contraction of the word, the word in many parts of our lives are all reflected, on take gasoline fuel for our Cars Will have thIs phenomenon, summer we always feel the Car so do not force, some models are underpowered, horsepower Is not enough reason for some models are likely to be the cause of petrol. We can not deal with the expansion of gasoline, but fuel filter we need to check to ensure the “expansion” of the smooth flow of gasoline.

charcoal canIster, since the hot summer, the fuel tank gasoline vapor than in the winter, the majority of it Will be absorbed by the canIster, the canIster Is saturated, easy cause the Car difficult to start, abnormal phenomena such as temperature sensors, to promptly clean up the charcoal canIster, try not to put gasoline in addition to fill, are prone to Carbon jar of gasoline.

blower wheel, single-use air conditioning when we found the air conditioning smell, first check the air filter, there Is still the smell after replacing the air filter, it Is likely that the Issue of the blower wheel, as long as the fan wheel can be a simple cleaning.

a condenser, which also belongs to an air conditioning system, the air conditioning condenser can easily lead to the frequent use of the surface area of ​​the dust, when the cleaning blower wheel may be Incidentally, check the condenser surface to see whether the dust, clean up easily.

Master Summary: Summer Car maintenance Is very important, I believe that before reading the article Will be aware of some basic maintenance relatively small, today’s vehicle maintenance Daquan thIs summer, compared to previous article it would have increased the difficulty of maintenance, maintenance Is also more of these owners need to have a better ability.