Summer tire maintenance and tire little knowledge of the top ten brands, you know how much?

throughout the year, there are two seasons for the security and reliability requirements of the highest tire, that Is, winter and summer. Some vehicles coming summer face methods, techniques, safety of these topics has been of concern to the owners. In particular tires in the summer because the higher the temperature, the lower the life of the tire. And tire wear rates in different seasons are different.

When it comes to tires, Is know many known wheels, the wheel Is to support the entire body, as Is the only portion of the tire contact with the road vehicle, in performance, handling and safety of the entire vehicle traveling plays an important role in selecting more suitable and more reliable tire models, it can reduce the occurrence of accidents in everyday driving maximum. Today we’ll dIscuss “those things” on the tire.

some constructions and some parameters tires, small series have talked about before, not one by one to explain here small, and if there Is need to know before you can view the write small series .

Today small and mainly we talk about the top ten brands of tires Note some maintenance and tires.

If you ask small series tire which top ten brands, that you all know how much? ?

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18 top ten brands of tires

as can be seen from FIG. 2 Is divided into a top and bottom layer, the top layer Is from left to right:

2. 1 Michelin Bridgestone Goodyear Dunlop 3. 4. 5. Pirelli

next, one left to right:

7 6 German horse brand. . Hankook sun tire 8. 9. 10. MaxxIs tires good tires

thIs characterIstic on the tire brand ten small series do not here described in detail, Xiao Bian introduced late in detail with you, there Is a need owners can follow us oh ~

believe in thIs small series of 10 brands when it comes, the owner Will unconsciously look tire your Car Is equipped with what the brand Is not in the top ten brands within it? how Will later go to buy tires and replacement tires it?

In fact, in time to replace the tire as much as possible 4 wheel replacement of the same brand, same model, same pattern of the tire (tire label), if only the bad one, then , it Is best to buy the same tire tread and three other sizes and types. Three want to change, then the truth Is the same, with all required pattern.

If you want to change two tires, then it may be time to buy tires behind the front two tires or two tires to the same, that Is to say the two coaxial tire tread must be the same size, the model must be the same four tires.

that how to maintain tires, pay attention to matters in the hot season.

The first point: detecting the tire pressure regularly.

Is the life of the tire pressure, tire inflation pressure must comply with national standards for different types of tire specifications specified pressure. Always check tire pressure, insufficient pressure Is too high and Will have irregular wear on the tire, tread ditch cracks, broken wires, broken tire burst and other damage. If you want to continue high speed, the pressure should be increased by 5% -10% in the standard atmospheric pressure. Meanwhile, after the running of the tire due to the temperature increase caused by the gas increases.

The second point: choose the right place to stop.

summer parking, vehicles should be parked where there Is no sun exposure for a long time, because long-term exposure in the sun, tire rubber by solar ultraviolet radiation can cause the plastic surface of the tire to aging , Will increase the chance of a puncture. And parking should ensure that the four are parked on the same level ground, it must not be parked on one high and one low road. OtherwIse, the tire Is at the lowest point of the pressure Will be too high, resulting in deformation of the tire inner wire leading to tire damage.

The third point: RoundTo periodically clean the tire

The main Car tires regularly cleaned, foreign matter Is present in the trench to prevent the tire tread. If it Is found nails and other foreign objects into the tires, do not panic, do not rush to pull out, should immediately towards the professional tire shop for help.

The fourth point: periodically check the wear of the tire.

As the summer temperatures rIse, tread relatively soft winter, in theory, Will accelerate tire wear, it Is recommended more attention to the need for summer to be replaced with new tires.

As the summer temperatures rIse, tread relatively soft winter, in theory, Will accelerate tire wear. Life of the tire manufacturers are generally defined between 80,000 -10 10,000 km (or 3 – 5 years), but the situation Is still have to be based on the owner’s driving conditions, so we must regularly check the wear of the tire, to ensure safe driving.

Summary: It Is an important part of the tire inside the Car, it Is to support the whole body. So owners need to check the tire more than the Car, because the rIsk Is too high summer temperatures too easily triggered. So be sure to do some small maintenance to the tires regularly, avoid danger, so that safe travel.