Such Is the maintenance of the car, do not spent odds do not know!

Car maintenance Is every owners should Carefully thing, but if excessive maintenance Is likely to cause damage to the Car. Follow-up vehicle maintenance Is not easy, not only expensive, there may be spent odds. Today small share of Automobile proper maintenance so that you spend less spent odds.

tires for general use of the time Is not more than three years, no more than sixty thousand kilometers mileage. We all know that tires are rubber products, although the quality of major brands Will be a little different, but I fear, are often sun and rain, it Is easy to aging, so if you change a tire, then, not exceeding three years or no more than sixty thousand kilometers on All right.

then say that the brake pads, brake pads, but thIs Is very important, but do not replace the need to decide according to the thickness. After all, the number of times each person’s brake frequency Is not the same, as long as you brake pad thickness not less than 4mm, then there Is no need to replace it, but if less than 4mm, and it must be replaced.

replacement cycle antifreeze, the antifreeze Is two years or forty thousand kilometers, according to their own situation open to replace it. Oil, we can based on individual circumstances, about 7500 kilometers to be replaced.

gearbox oil, thIs should look at their own vehicle maintenance manual, because the replacement cycle of manual and Automatic transmIssion oil Is not the same, so often look like a maintenance manual. Another Is the brake fluid, brake fluid, also known as the brake fluid, brake fluid more easily corruption and degeneracy, the replacement cycle Is about three years or 40,000 km replace just fine. Then the battery, thIs goes without saying, three or four yearsChange just once.

Car Care knowledge Daquan

routine maintenance

1, before moving: the need for all aspects of their Car before driving simple inspection, including (tire pressure, no damage lighting apparatus, whether or oil spills, leaks, each electronic device Is normal, the door, the seat belt routine examinations).

2, driving in: Driving Is to be noted that the road Is good, with or without potholes quickly by road, driving the process maintain good driving habits, driving in lIsten whether the body abnormal noIse or jitter.

3, closed Car are: Note that the vehicle body remains clean and check oil, tire pressure and the like.

maintenance force

1, 4S need to shop for maintenance when a new Car to 5000 km (including oil, the oil filter replacement).

2. The required 4S shop, to a certain amount of the number of kilometers need for maintenance. Do not delay or replace their own, if she was more believe should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to operate.

3, often includes a body paint to conservation (e.g., wax, coating, plating crystal, etc.), protection of the body at the respective connections of the Car body, not to multi-washing body stains turn a blind eye, thIs Will be the potential harm the paint.

Car Care knowledge and skills

1, the first vehicle to launch our first turn on the switch, do not directly launch. Because after turn on the switch vehicles generally have a self-test, after all if all the lights are lit one by one off to indicate normal, it can be started.

2, after buying the Car to be normally open, if you are not Willing to drive your Car, or only occasionally have time to open to open, thIs Is actually very hurt the Car, the battery Will due to the long-term natural dIscharge affecting life. Gearbox, engine, and other parts due to contact with air and rust.

3, of the tire when traveling 30,000 km to front and rear wheels can do a swap, thIs can extend the life of the tire it Is. Brake pads regularly for check-ups. 4, allowing time Cold start the Car idling for about 1 minute, let the Car warm, parking can be extended for a while in the stall.

5, no oil in time to refuel, now generally gasoline-pump to cool, if not the oil temperature Is too high it Will damage the pump.

6, not too fast after the start, to reach a certain speed shift gear shifting. If jitter occurs at engine, to timely block shot. As thIs Will damage the engine, so that the service life Is reduced.