Spring vehicle maintenance should pay attention to these key places! I do not know to learn!

With the arrival of spring, when the owners are busy driving their daily work and leIsure, do not forget to do seasonal maintenance to their Cars. In fact, the Car and the body Is the same. When you maintain a Car, you can use it as your own body. You have to check your respiratory system and skin. Let’s look at the focus of the spring Car maintenance, I hope for your help!

1, oil change

the heart of the Automobile engine, and Is the heart of the oil blood, and therefore timely replacement of oil Is very important for the maintenance of the Car. Four Seasons General use of oil Is the best choice, but especially in the cold winter or hot summer special place, depending on the season, the best use of engine oil in winter or summer oil. Low vIscosity oil used in winter, it Is necessary to replace the spring.

2, Car cleaning

Automotive interior depth required dIsinfection and removal. Spring temperature gradually increased. In addition, it Is used to lock the door, no ventilation in order to keep warm. More prone to Car interior air quality, dust accumulation and mold growth. In addition, the warm and humid spring more conducive to the breeding of various bacteria, so the spring should be sterilized and dust removal work in depth inside the cabin to keep the cabin dry and clean.

use the Car vacuum cleaner dust removal work can easily solve the Car, if you choose multi-configuration, multi-purpose cleaner, can do more with less. Currently Car cleaners, having a function of not only the mites and mites brush, and the use of efficient HEPA filter as a filter material, can effectively remove dust mites and various bacteria, eliminate secondary contamination. As for sterilization and deodorization, hidden in the air conditioning vents, seats, upholstery and other dark corners of the gap stains can be removed by high-temperature steam, but also can remove Car smell. Then, using a special cleaning agent inside the center console, doors and other parts for cleaning and dIsinfection.

3, two dust filters in time

the air filter and air filter, in use, generally ambient air quality Is good depends on the maintenance periodReplacement of the air filter. However, when the ambient air quality Is poor, cleaning should be noted that the air cleaner, the air cleaner dirty because if the amount of air entering the cylinder Will be reduced, which Will reduce the overall life of the engine, resulting in Car’s dynamic performance decline. However, the air conditioning filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly during use. OtherwIse, clogging of the filter Will prevent and reduce air into the evaporation tank, the air conditioner can not play its normal role.

4, check to the Car chassIs

Is always spring suddenly hot suddenly cool. Automotive parts often thermal expansion, cold contraction, the screw loose. Therefore, special attention should check the chassIs, especially before travel, the chassIs should be thoroughly checked.

First, the chassIs should be thoroughly cleaned, preferably with decontamination detergent and anti-rust treatments do. The second check bolt. Inspection process must be extremely Careful because of slight mIss could cause unnecessary trouble.

5, to maintain the tire

maintaining normal tire pressure, tire pressure influenced by thermal expansion and contraction of the tire pressure Will be reduced in the winter. Therefore, after entering the spring, you should adjust the tire pressure. OtherwIse, insufficient tire pressure Will not only increase the Car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the abnormal wear of Car tires, Is not conducive to safe driving. Also, avoid excessive tire pressure influence the control grip and the Car, especially in braking performance. Car air pump can inflate and release the pressure. Equipped with mechanical tire pressure gauge tire pressure not only can be detected at any time, it can also occur when abnormal emergency flat tire and tire pressure on the road, make sure the tire pressure Is normal, reduce fuel consumption, extend tire life, to ensure road safety.

In addition, the pressure should be checked at least once to ensure that under cooling of all tires (including the spare tire) of a month. If the pressure drops too quickly, it Is possible to check whether the tire Is punctured, cut, valve rubber Is aging, cracking and the like. If found, it should be treated accordingly.

6, body paint

BodyPaint focus Is waterproof and anti-aging. Spring Is the rainy season. Now the city acid rain Is intensifying. Acid rain components has a strong corrosive paint surface of the Car, over time, Will damage the paint surface of the Car. If the Car body scratches, it Is easy to rust, so it should cultivate the habit of washing and waxing after the rain, in order to effectively protect the paint.

spring body can not ignore Car maintenance waterproofing work, Car paint and beauty treatments should be Carried out regularly. The easiest way Is waxing, it can keep the body such as new light, to avoid damage caused by ultraviolet rays, acid rain, such as static electricity.

7, wiper maintenance

to ensure the normal use of the wiper. Spring Is a rainy season, so we have to mention the importance of wipers here. Although the windshield wipers installed on, but in the course of routine maintenance, it Is easy to turn a blind eye. Only when it Is used, you know they have a problem. If the wipers not working, it Will affect the driving vIsion Is not conducive to road safety. Thus, in the spring vehicle maintenance can not forget wipers.

The method of maintaining the wiper blade Is very simple. In addition to cleaning windows, each time the washing Is preferably glass cleaning solutions wiper strip, the wiper strip so that the service life Will be longer. At the same time, it Is necessary to check whether the wipers vibration or abnormal sound from time to time in the course of their work.