Spring car maintenance, these items you must not ignore!

The spring, Car friends Will also know that the Spring Festival Is the important Car maintenance season. Every season, the same Car and the human body, but also need the appropriate tone from the inside to the outside in order to maintain the most A whole lot of energy. Take a look at what the focus of the spring Car Care of it!

First, paint maintenance

Spring Spring more rain, rain acidic substances can damage Car paint face, so pay special attention to protect the Car paint. During seasonal maintenance, it Is best to give the Car to conduct a paint beauty. The simplest Is the waxing, longer and more effective closure of the glaze Is beauty. Regardless of the method, gave the Car wearing an invIsible protective coat to prevent paint fade aging.

Second, the interior sterilization

Spring temperatures, plus the air Is humid, various bacteria multiply golden season of growth, paying particular attention to the Car’s interior bacteria work, especially for Car seat, vent these health corners more to do clean-up work, keep the Car clean and dry environment.

Third, the tire maintenance

affected by thermal expansion and contraction, the winter tire pressure Will be reduced, so after entering the spring, in time to adjust tire pressure, tire pressure or insufficient not only increase the Car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the abnormal wear of Car tires, Is not conducive to safe driving. At the same time the tire pressure should avoid excessive influence of grip, particularly control of the Car braking impact. Truck Car playing pump can be configured as necessary, and can be inflated relief, to ensure the normal tire pressure, reduce fuel consumption, extend tire life, ensure traffic safety.

4, two filter dust

spring sand large, easy from the dust, when air-conditioning duct and the evaporator surface dust and impurities excessive, prolonged use mildew occurs, encourages the growth of bacteria in the case of warm weather. Therefore, before air-conditioning, in addition to cleaning the surface of the condenser tank, but also onAir conditioning systems for cleaning sterilization, replace the air filter.

for the maintenance of vehicles, each season all have their own methods of protection. Saying the Car Is “third repair, seven support” Do not wait until it fails to open service points, now give your Car to do maintenance times it!