Spring Car Care must pay attention to these points

spring green river Nanan. Blink of an eye, but also spring in March, the weather gets warmer, our Car after a cold winter ravaged the whole, if not properly maintain it in turns warm again thIs season, traffic safety could not be guaranteed. Every season, the same Car and the human body, but also need the appropriate tone from the inside out the whole lot to maintain optimum vitality. The spring, let’s look at what the focus of the spring Car Care of it!

a, paint maintenance

Spring more rain, acid rain It can damage the Car’s paint, and therefore should pay particular attention to the protection of Car paint. When seasonal maintenance, be best to give the Car a paint beauty. The simplest Is the waxing, longer, more effective sealing glaze Is beauty. Either way, it gave the Car wearing an invIsible protective coat to prevent paint fade and aging.

Second, the sterilization

With the gradual increase of temperature, sleeping bacteria gradually regained consciousness, and can not wait to start breeding. Therefore, it Is necessary to give the Car to a complete clean-up before the temperature rIse. Especially the air conditioning vent, cushions and mats and other parts, we should focus on to be processed. Other similar air-conditioning filter, air filter and other parts of the decIsion interior air quality, we have to be checked in time, regular replacement process.

Third, for replacement of oil and other liquid

winter weather Is cold, I believe every are for personal use antifreeze oil, now spring has come, spring or summer should change the oil, there Will be some antifreeze what the Car in winter, then, should be to change the use of the spring. In addition, the humidity of the air spring Will rIse, if the moIsture content in Automotive brake fluid Is too high, may lead to sudden brake failure, it must be promptly checked and replaced regularly.

Fourth, the engine maintenance

We all know that the “heart” of the Car Is the Car’s engine, and catkins in spring sand can easily enter into the bonnet, the engine must be cleared in order to avoid corrosion in the engine rubber component. After washing the engine, and then coated with a layer of wax Care, to prevent the metal parts of the engine of rust and corrosion rubber member, which Is more favorable for Automobile heart health.

Motor vehicle chassIs maintenance

vehicle chassIs prolonged exposure to air, due to the impact of sand and water, prone to rust and corrosion. Therefore, the vehicle Is in motion should be cleaned regularly stains on the chassIs, and take a series of measures to rust, such as timely anti-rust agent, chassIs to prevent corrosion serious failure.

Summary: The above Is for everyone summary, five-point spring Car maintenance knowledge. As the saying goes: spring, spring quickly to take advantage of the occasion to Care about your Car right.