Spring car care Daquan, come take a look!

Although it Is now in the spring, but thIs Is already the rainy weather, the sun only occasionally a few, so do Car-related maintenance Is very important, if maintenance measures not been done, then it Is easy to affect the use of the Car, Xiao Bian gave you today to talk about spring vehicle maintenance should be noted that several aspects.

First, the Car dIsinfection

spring rain weather ones, and therefore there Is a room shares damp feeling Will breed a lot of bacteria, the Car Is the same, but the Car all day long are closed, their germs more, so we remember to open the sunroof and ventilation vents when not in the Car, and then use a special wash net cleaning and dIsinfection agent for the Car, and after washing the taste Will keep fresh in the Car, creating a comfortable environment.

Second, the protection of Automotive paint

have rain acidic substance, these acidic substances can damage the paint of the Car, especially when the Car itself can cause scratches rusty Car, which people hand wound and the same, if not promptly treated can cause tetanus Is a reason, so driven a Car after the rain season, so be sure to give the Car waxing beauty once, give yourself the Car wearing a protective clothing to better protect the Car’s finIsh.

Third, the air cleaner to the air cleaner and the dust

Rainwater the weather Is poor air quality of the environment, so we must promptly clean air filter and air filter, if not to clean the air filter, air filter Will be very dirty, thus affecting the life of the engine, but also there are air conditioning filter, if not cleared up, then it Will lead to air conditioning does not work properly, so we must promptly clean up the air filter and air filter in the rain weather.

Fourth, the wiper maintenance

In the rain season, the wiper Is very important, it Is timely to help you Clear Car,Rain, in front of the see the road on the glass, so we should pay attention to while cleaning the Car cleaning wiper and it wipe clean, in the normal course to observe wiper, no fault, if the fault occurs must timely repair, or can not properly use the time in the rain, it Will affect the line of sight of the road.

Fifth, the air pressure adjustment

Since the winter when the temperature Is relatively low, so we Will put Car tires hit a little higher, to the spring when the temperature began to rIse, we need to adjust the tire, or accelerated tire wear, in addition we also check whether there are circumstances cut Car tires cracking, if any, must be timely to repair.

Sixth, check the battery

home computer for a long time if not placed in that side, then reboot, you Will find a computer without electricity, Automotive relay battery Is the same, if your Car parked over there a long time, not drive a Car battery Is also likely to no electricity, so before driving a Car be sure to check the Car’s battery performance Is good, to avoid the failure to open half the time.