Small car maintenance must be done four projects, each of which Is very important!

Car maintenance believe we are very familiar with what we are after buying a Car have to experience. But many people in the Car serviced when they are relatively random, and a lot of people for a small Car maintenance Is not special attention. Here Is the Car to give us a little maintenance must be done in four projects, each of which Is important.

1: oil filter

Car oil filter Although modest, but effect Is very large, it can speak some impurities and iron friction in our engine inside. So the oil filter Is Carrying a big role, so we should pay attention to the small maintenance when it Is not the oil filter should be replaced, generally speaking Car ran more than 10,000 kilometers of time should be replaced, so we you can be their own dIscretion.

2: air filter

air filter Is also one

must be maintenance of the project, in peacetime there are a lot of people are not very great importance for the replacement of the air filter. In fact, thIs configuration to affect our lives Is still very large, especially when we have children in the Car, the air quality Is very important, and that affects our Automotive air conditioning filter air quality Is an important point. Between the

five thousand kilometers to ten thousand kilometers under normal circumstances thIs city the number can be replaced, depending on our local air quality, better air place appropriate to extend the replacement time. But if it Is the capital, then the best early change, there are great benefits to our health.

3: an air filter

Then the air filter, air filterThe core of which Is also an integral part of the maintenance project. Compared air filter, the role of the air filter Is also enormous, and it masks our engine, like a lot of impurities can be filtered down to, so that Is a rather important one device. So in a relatively large number of mileage, we recommend you to timely replace the maintenance time, and use a little good quality air filter.

4: Oil replacement

Finally Is the oil, and the moment a lot of people for oil changes are not a small mIsunderstanding. In fact, there are many varieties in the domestic oil, some oil Is good enough, then we replace ten thousand kilometers are possible, such as gold Mobil oil. However, some poor-quality engine oil, replace when the number of miles to be replaced between 6000 km to 8000 km. Change the oil Is our vehicle maintenance and more important with a project, because it Is our engine and Cars all aspects of hardware have the most direct impact.

or more of these types of vehicle maintenance must not forget to do small projects are very important to each item.