Small car maintenance and major maintenance What Is the difference?

bought a Car friends all know that every Car Is need maintenance, but maintenance of the word be used a little too far, but only because of regular maintenance check vehicle status and replace the engine oil and filter what not to conduct a comprehensive vehicle maintenance, although simply change the oil and filter, general charges 4S shops are not cheap, many luxury brands to small maintenance price even more than a thousand , major maintenance even more than three thousand men.

So what Is a small maintenance? What Is the major maintenance?

In general, many Car manufacturers are required to maintain the first 5,000 km, some models Is 10,000 kilometers maintenance, for the first time mostly maintenance free, the first maintenance Is the little maintenance, little maintenance Is to check the contents of the vehicle and replace the oil filter.

Of course, in addition to the oil and filter, each of the above vehicles are still a lot of “consumable”, Is more easily damaged consumables member, including many parts of the vehicle to be used frequently, these are all part of life, it Is necessary to be replaced at a certain time, in thIs case belongs to a major maintenance, such as spark plugs and air filters and the like.

with the figure of 01 grams of lead, for example, receive maintenance mileage grams per 10,000 km maintenance time, and the first part of the small maintenance maintenance, second and third maintenance need to replace a lot of things, belong to major maintenance, while 40,000 km of time, but also for a greater maintenance, replacement of something more appropriate Care Will increase more cost.

In addition, maintenance intervals and different content models are not the same, it Is recommended to see the owner’s manual after timely maintenance in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers.