Six tire maintenance tips may not know

Every day we took our Car to run around, tire wear Is inevitable. However, some tires can be used for a long long time, but some people are making horrendous tire grinding. In fact, thIs Is know-how and methods, today Xiaojian Will tell you how to extend the life of the tire.

1, away from the curb

do not press the curb as possible, the principle Is very simple, only the tire contact area between the curb and then the corner of a small area, the pressure Will be very large, which means tires received compression and impact Will be great. And our ground clearance Is limited, if not tire test to first rub the front or bottom of the vehicle trouble.

It Is proposed that we honestly Xiaojian run on the ground, of course, those who ignore the terrain SUV please feel free.

2, reduced by the worst segment

the curb we can refuse, but relatively poor road conditions can not be avoided, such as some pit and projections, these places are simply tire killers, but also because of the impact of the rim so that deformation. Xiaojian because many of my friends did not see the pit causing a puncture, which Is not only a problem of the tire, but a sudden flat tire Is very dangerous, has been to take the wheel, slowly decelerating. (Specific operation, Xiaojian Will be specifically covered in the future push in)

Therefore, we have to face slow down when driving poor road conditions, but also for tires for safety.

3, reducing the place to play the direction

in our driving test down libraries, shift library, the coach Will tell us the place and killed the steering wheel, then slowly open, and then stopped to changeDirection and then killed, thIs Is to allow us to more accurately grasp the direction. Best not to put these habits to hIs own Car, place the direction of play Is quite used tires.

Since the tire during turning, the respective points of friction Will be in the opposite direction on the tire, causing the tire wear. If the place to play direction, only a small portion of the tire contact with the negatives, just let thIs part of the friction Is badly worn tires locally, but if you turn in the rotation of the tire wear Will be more uniform dIstribution.

Driving worn out tires do not we are responsible, but hIs Car, place the direction of play, hit a ten dollars gone ah!

4, maintaining the proper tire pressure

the air pressure of the tire must be appropriate, then high and the ground contacting area of ​​the tire Is reduced, the pressure increases, the central tire tread Will wear serious. Low tire pressure Will cause increased tire wear area. Tire pressure tire so we must not too much, and regular checks.

In addition to the wear and tear, excessive tire pressure Will allow the dynamic load wheels receive increases when driving at high speed or poor road conditions just mentioned, puncture chance It Will increase.

5. Do not overload with

as I think most private Cars Will not, I can not say we installed a small SUV iron bar meal. But when we occasionally want to install bulky goods, or under the rated load Is confirming our number, Caution Is the ship!

6. Choose a clean, flat pavement stop

that we may be in doubt, clean, flat road? Why do you say, in fact, we do notVehicles parked in a place where grease or hard object. Grease Will corrode our tires, hard object Will hurt our tires. So if we can choose, as our Car parked on a clean, flat road surface.

in order to save our Car open, the tires too. Xiaojian matters today as we say these tires, I hope we can get along with the Car and peace of mind at the time, effort and money.