Several small car maintenance knowledge, after learning of the car Is good!

regular Car maintenance Is very important. If a flat tire, the wear of the spark plug, air filter plugging, Will result in increased fuel consumption. Today I share with you some little knowledge of Car maintenance.

1, attention to check tire system

Is less than air pressure in the tire Is increased and the ground of friction and increase fuel consumption, so always check the tire pressure. Different models have different tires and air pressure standards. In addition, if badly worn tires Will skid and increase fuel consumption. If necessary, replace the tire.

2, regular checks note brake system

Some Cars have a slight drag brake, comprIsing the hand brake , which Is equivalent increase in vehicle load and fuel consumption when driving, thus requiring periodic inspection.

3, to reduce the load

StatIstics show that for each additional 1 kg load, fuel consumption Will be increased by 1%, so it Is necessary to minimize the trunk debrIs unused.

4, periodic maintenance, replacement of parts

air filter, fuel filter, oil filter etc. need driving 5,000 kilometers or more replacement of a clogged air filter because the intake air amount leads to a reduction, resulting in insufficient combustion of gasoline, reduced fuel efficiency. Pressure plate and clutch plate wear and a spark plug used for too long can also result in increased fuel consumption, and therefore should be replaced regularly.