Secretly tell you, these car care small coup, many older drivers do not understand Oh

“buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult,” believed to be the voice of many owners. Car owners should think that with enough of thIs money was well spent. In thIs era of high oil prices, light fuel cost Is not a small sum of money, plus the cost of repairs, maintenance fees, etc., can not count how Car costs low! Xiao Bian today to share small Car maintenance to save money coup.

1, remove stubborn glue marks Fengyoujing

windshield often plastered with stickers known when to remove these stickers, it Is difficult to remove the glue marks. Balm Is an organic solvent, to remove stubborn gum residue. Fengyoujing marks painted in the gum, the wiping force and the like can penetrate completely off, leaving no trace. Car in the summer sun exposure, the glass Is very hot, thIs time to expose those stickers Will be very easy!

2, removing scratches with toothpaste

the method Is very simple, first scribe imposed washed with water, and then take a clean cloth or towel, a little dip gently rub toothpaste repeated scratches, the scratches dIsappear or be attenuated after It can wipe wipes. Why toothpaste can have such miraculous? Original toothpaste itself contains abrasive ingredients, and scratches wax, as in the process of wiping, the paint can damage the polIshed, smooth paint surface natural recovery. However, thIs method Is suitable for cleaning stains small area, if it Is a large area in the interior, corticosteroids above the material you need to be treated with professional cleaning agents.

3, the wiper blade can not do

sunny used to remove dust when the surface of the windshield wipers, must be spraying glass of water or cleaning solution, can not dry wiping. Vehicle to remember a timing filled with water, so you can avoid over anhydrous condition occurs. There are other glass stubborn, hard dirt, hands should be clean up. These things can easily lead to damage to the wiper strip and scrape clean. The worst case, the wiper motor Will also be affected. If the vehicle Is not used for a long time, raIsed to the wiper, as Will be covered with dirt, dust, etc. between the glass surface and the strip, in use the wiper, the dust, contaminants increase friction, thereby wound strip or the surface of glass, impact wipe effect. Maintenance of the above, it can beEffectively extending the life of the wipers.