Secret shady car maintenance, so your money Is to go step by step the pit

referred to hIs beloved Car, we have lots to talk about, but the mention of repair, but some people are victims. As the Car step by step into people’s lives, vehicle maintenance and repair are also coming into view, but Why do we check online Auto routine maintenance as long as three hundred dollars less, but the four sons that maintenance costs are improving the lot of it? Maintenance vehicles Is a great knowledge of vehicle owners generally do not know the 4 sons and repair shop maintenance of transmIssion of the dIsease. Secret shady Car maintenance, your money Is one such step by step in the tank to go!

First of all talk about accessories, to show you that the original pieces, when you relax in the lounge, or do not Care about the time, secretly you replaced by deputy factory, thIs Is not alarmIst, Is the real thing happened. Do not say they did not dare, not what kind of thing, in the interests of the face, surely someone desperate!

oil processing practitioners who declined to be named, tells us the real shady Car maintenance, Car maintenance to face the House of Flying Daggers, you owners, count themselves able to take the recipe. Ambush 1: Original oil Is really original? NO! In the 4S shop to do maintenance, what to ask and oil, maintenance technician or service consultant Will answer your own Car: Advanced original oil provided by the manufacturer. Original oil, feels really professional, but in fact, no Car manufacturers can produce oil, but by other well-known oil companies OEM production!

clean air! In many 4S shop maintenance projects have air conditioning, cleaning thIs one, so many people feel that air cleaning Is a must do item. But the 4S shop called air cleaning Is very simple to use detergent wash. In fact, for cleaning of air conditioning, you can do it yourself. Strong hands even replace the air filter can do yourself.

Cleaning throttle! Throttle after prolonged use Will gather dirt, the impact caused by idling throttle opening shake or even turn off, so it Is necessary to wash. But the throttle Is not so easy to dirty, 4S requires ten thousand or even five thousand kilometers on cleaningThe throttle Is completely bullying. Reference to the specification requirements.

buy a Car easy to keep a Car difficult to understand but difficult to anti-knife stab in the back easy to hide, Xiao Bian here to remind riders, Car maintenance according to the condition and maintenance manual the recommendations to be selected! Today’s share hope you like it, have any comments or ideas can be dIscussed in the comments area Oh, Xiao Bian Will have time to reply, like small series can also look at small series, not to be mIssed Oh, thank you!