Secret behind the small car maintenance, read thIs article, all understand

In addition to the Car wash, small Car maintenance should be required to do to the Car to the highest frequency of services, I believe that there are Car friends, small maintenance Is quite aware of, but Xiao Bian today or summarized Some dry goods to everyone, I hope everyone’s attention, updated daily Car dry knowledge, so that you keep a Car Car did not send angry.

For small maintenance vehicles, usually a change oil filter, sounds simple, but behind there are many things you need to know.

If the engine of the Car called the “heart”, then oil it can be said that the Car’s “blood.” Stands for engine lubricating oil, it can lubricate by grinding, an auxiliary cooling down, leak-proof seal, rust corrosion, shock buffering effect on the engine. Composed of two parts oil base oil and additives. Lubricant base oil Is the main component, determine the basic properties of lubricants, additives can make up for the deficiencies and improve the performance of the base oil to give some new properties, it Is an important part of the lubricating oil.

that the oil should be how to choose it? In fact, oil has many features, such as brand, type, vIscosity grade and other parameters, are reacted with the performance of oil How? Today we Will go to them out.

1, the type of oil: common market mineral oil into the oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic engine oil categories.

Mineral oil Is extracted from petroleum oil, mineral oil although the low price, but its life, so lubricating properties compared to the half and full-synthetic oil station worse, it’s replacement cycle Is generally six months or 5000 km.

semi-synthetic oil Is a mineral oil, synthetic oil in a 4: 6 mixture from the relationship, semi-synthetic purity very close to full synthetic oil, mineral oil, but its cost Is relatively slightly higher mineral oil products to the ideal transition synthetic oils, hIs replacement cycle Is generally six months or 7500 km.

Is a high-grade synthetic motor oil of the oil in the oil, it Is preferably physical, thermal stabilizers, anti-oxidation, resIstance to change in vIscosity than mineral oil, natural and semi-synthetic much stronger oil, The replacement cycle Is generally one year or 10,000 km.

Here Is a little advice everyone no matter what the price of the Car, unified choose full synthetic motor oil on it , because fully synthetic motor oil the price Is about twice as mineral oil, but maintenance cycle Is doubled, so comprehensive counted down, the cost Is the same. Additionally or 10,000 kilometers per year can do a little maintenance, saving time cost, and finally fully synthetic motor oil of the engine Is the best protection, it Is also what kinds of minerals, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic motor oil directly, worry , time-saving, but also with the best oil.

2, then talk about the oil vIscosity, i.e. SAE. Dryer drums are general labels, 5W-30,0W-40 like the other words.

Winter lubricating oil grades SAE vIscosity classification are: front 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, the symbol W represents winter, W the smaller the number, the smaller the low-temperature vIscosity, the better the low-temperature flowability, the lower the minimum temperature applicable; that Is a simple formula W foregoing figures -35 deg.] C, then thIs Is the minimum temperature suitable oil, such as 5W oil, apply the minimum temperature Is -30 ℃.

SAE vIscosity classification lubricating oil summer grades are: 20,30,40,50, the larger the number, the greater the vIscosity, the higher the maximum temperature applicable; hIs corresponding standard actually test out fluidity 100 ℃.

Therefore, regarding the selection of oil vIscosity, winter oil grade to combine with their own winter minimum temperature region, while summer grades of oil on the Car according to the manufacturers instructions say select the recommended oil.

Here we must mention a detail, and some older drivers would recommend Car ran 100,000 kilometers later, a summer increase in oil grades, such as the original with 30 oil, we can now consider 40. In fact, small series that thIs increase does not increase Is vary by Car, if your Car ran tens of thousands of kilometers emergence of burning oil, power becomes flesh, the noIse becomes larger phenomenon, consider adding a grade of oil, because thIsWhen there was a certain degree of wear of the engine, the gap between the pIstons, pIston rings and cylinder wall increases, thIs increase oil vIscosity, can compensate the gap between them, to reduce oil consumption and to improve the sealed chamber of the fuel are have a certain role.

3, the quality of the oil (the API)

a gasoline engine all oil specifications first letter “S”, SN from the SA to a total of 12 kinds of diesel engine oil Is the first letter “C”, when the “S” and “C” exIst two letters, thIs indicates that the vapor of oil / diesel oil general.

The higher the API engine oil Is not oil the better the quality of it? ThIs can not be understood, but the higher the API oil Description The lower oil content of phosphorus and zinc, that Is, the lower the pollution, environmental protection, the better. So the actual API Is a standard for environmental protection, most are oil SN grade, so under normal circumstances, select SN grade oil like.

4, oil brand

brand on the topic, in fact, some people Will damage the interests of the topic. As we all know, Is the world’s top three oil brand Mobil, Shell and Castrol, those three brands of oil in the end it really good? The answer Is yes, very good. Like we mentioned tire brand as the previous period, some of the big brands have their own characterIstics, so their products are relatively stable, the quality Is guaranteed.

that since there Is a good product, Why go to the maintenance shop, also recommended various brands oil it? In fact, thIs Is a question of profit, high brand awareness, the price Will be very transparent, while sales of some unknown brand Will get relatively high profits. Of course, part of an unknown brand price Will be much lower, but has the same performance brands for consumers, Will save part of the cost.

because of the importance of oil to the engine, so the engine oil brand of choice, or to be very Careful, the choice Is certainly big brands, such as Mobil, Shell, Castrol,But the point to note here that the big brands of motor oil fraud rate Is very high, because you are unable to identify with the naked eye authenticity, so let the black heart of some companies see an opportunity, they counterfeiting technology Is also very high, you are likely to hit the official phone tell your oil Is true. How to do? Only choose a trusted service shop to do it.

Second, if you choose some unknown small brands, be sure to do some understanding of the brand, the most important thing Is to consult spent some feedback on long-term owners of thIs oil, said To be honest, occasionally with a poor quality of oil, the owner Is generally perceived not fall, thIs requires a long-term use of judgment. In short, choose an unknown brand to be Careful.

Having said that, I suddenly feel American consumers in thIs regard very sad, afraid of a good product Is a fake, it Is feared the true product quality, relevant US department how to control the phenomenon, but also consumers a pure sky, let’s go spend.

today to say thIs, I hope you give little attention Xiao Bian, your attention, so that we continue to create momentum!