Seasons, vehicle maintenance should pay attention to these four places! Owners to keep in mind!

two seasons, people need time to adapt to the Car as well. Meanwhile, when the two seasons, Car maintenance There are four aspects must be taken!

(1) cell maintenance

Is the main battery power supply system of the vehicle. I have come across the problem of Car batteries. A whole Car suddenly out of power. Fortunately, it was not in traveling on a road. Therefore, most Cars are attention to maintenance of vehicle batteries.

Car batteries have been used for a long time, there Will be green at the oxide electrode contact, especially when the season changed, should be promptly removed, it Is best to use professional protectant. Meanwhile, if the battery voltage check Is between 12.2 volts and 12.7 volts. If the voltage Is too low, it should be charged.

(2) Maintenance of the engine

core power Automobile engine systems. If the engine broke down, the Car can not move. We can say that engine Is the heart of the Car.

Oil Is a key engine of the heart, in particular, should pay attention to it. Maintenance of the engine, first to confirm whether the oil Is of questionable quality. If the oil Is thin and dark, then the oil has changed at thIs time, it must be replaced immediately. If conditions permit, it Is preferable to replace fully synthetic oil.

(3) brake system

braking system Is a key Issue related to the safety of Cars, Ltd. maintenance actuation system Is very important. When seasonal maintenance Car, should pay attention to brakes. Brake pads Is critical Automotive brake system.

the life of brake pads Is generally about 30,000 km, when the service life of 30,000 km, brake pads must be replaced when the service life of 10,000 km, preferably check brakes the degree of wear.

(4) Tire

In addition to the brake system, the tire Is also a very important part of. Tires bear the weight of the entire Car. Many high speed accidents are caused by tire problems, so it should be special attention.

pressure problems in hot weather because the air expands, owners Will tire deflated a little, but if the weather Is getting cold, supplementary tire pressure Is appropriate.

Meanwhile, when the Car Is traveling in hot weather, must also check the tire tread, bulge, crack and aging. Keep the tires in a healthy state, in order to ensure road safety.

people need maintenance, vehicle maintenance Is also required, not only when the season changes, usually have to ensure the health of the Car, because it Carries us and our families every day, security Is the most important.