Santana owners are helpless, small details causes refrigerant are gone, air conditioning Is not cooling!

The day before yesterday, a Santana Car owners drove to the repair shop, because the air conditioning Is not cooling. That Is, after the Car turn on the air conditioner switch, the outlet Is still warm wind blowing, the air conditioning does not work! Weather slowly heat up, too quickly identify the cause of the malfunction job.

master after receiving the Car, less than 30 minutes to find the cause of the malfunction: fixed a small detail did not handle the air conditioning ducts, air conditioning ducts leading to frayed, all refrigerant dIsappeared, gone after the air conditioning system refrigerant, and certainly would not have refrigeration. Santana owners understand the cause of the malfunction, it indicates that it Is helpless because the maintenance costs are more expensive, considering the owners did not repair just drive away!

Next, we take a look at a few pictures through thIs process. As shown in the figure below, thIs Car instrument old Santana, mileage has exceeded 190,000 km. It was shipped in 2012, the engine Is a 1.8L dIsplacement.

First, the master open air, the engine speed Is not found to improve, indicating that the compressor Is not working. If the operation of the compressor, then the engine load increases, the speed Will increase. Thus, it brought the master gauge, high and low pressure air-conditioning duct Is connected to the interface, the low-pressure pipe shown in FIG green arrow, a high-pressure pipe red arrows.

However, when installing the master high and low voltage joints, found inside the pipe no pressure at all! ThIs indicates that the internal air conditioning system has no refrigerant, there Is definitely a place to leakage of refrigerant. In order to check the position of the leakage of refrigerant, the master needs to pressurize the air conditioning system with a vacuum pump, and then to check the water foam. The arrow shown, the master pressure conduit already connected.

Our master pressurizing the air conditioning system Is mainly achieved by low-pressure pipe connected to the interface, i.e. the low-pressure pipe connector locations arrow shown in FIG. .

shown below arrow, which Is a high pressure dial gauge, the master table Is run by a vacuum pump air conditioning system applied pressure to prevent the plus the pressure Is too great.


After checking the air conditioning system easier to see the location of pipelines, master found Cartridge housing a lower portion of low pressure air duct of a problem. FIG arrows below, thIs location sludge impurities are very similar, there are determined empirically master may be a problem, a special check, the position somewhere else, such as a compressor, a condenser and the like see abnormalities.

When the master pressure plus a predetermined value of the air conditioning system, a soapy water began to get a spray bottle to find the location of the leak; arrows , spray bottle Is to spray soapy water on the compressor, condenser also need to spray.

The compressor and a condenser are not bubbling, indicating that these positions are not the problem. When the air filter housing lower portion of the root which Is the low-pressure water conduit, the master immediately found the problem, as shown by arrow, the catch of a stationary low-pressure pipe there were a lot of bubbles!

low-pressure pipe see smoke bubbles, resulting in the master machine to determine the main reason for the dIsappearance of the refrigerant low-pressure line breakage! So Why would thIs position it broken?

represents the master, under normal circumstances, thIs position should the pipe clamp fixed rubber cushion job and iron materials now connected directly to the low-pressure pipe clip aluminum material, intermediate there Is a gap, a long time to be worn! Obviously, thIs position does not mat, small details have been overlooked! Finally, the owner after knowing the cause of the malfunction, and no maintenance, he believes it can be welded in thIs position, do not want to be replaced with new pipes!