Routine maintenance and precautions What car? He looked at me finally understand

We all know that the Car Will rely heavily on the good work of the Car Care and maintenance, it Is indIspensable for routine maintenance. So do the routine maintenance of the Car Is very important, then how can we do routine maintenance of the Car and keep the Car should pay attention to what matters it to hear how Xiaobian Car net with dIsabilities, said:?

Car routine maintenance

1 regularly check the antifreeze, brake fluid, such as water glass adequacy of antifreeze can guarantee the normal running of the vehicle in the winter, the cold Is not easy , brake oil brake system Is an essential component. Glass of water for cleaning glass, which should guarantee adequate to the normal operation of the vehicle.

2 regular wheel alignment, Car run more kilometers, sometimes wandering phenomenon, easily hidden dangers buried. At thIs point in time to the vehicle wheel alignment, Car and quickly solve deviation problems.

3 regular testing brakes, regularly check the degree of wear of brake pads and clutch plates and the like, the Car when running on the road, brake linings and clutch plate has been worn to a certain extent to be replaced, otherwIse there Is a big security rIsk, therefore, in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle, up to a certain number of kilometers necessary to check the wear of brake pads and clutch plates. When

Car routine maintenance

4 timely cleaning the Car, usually the vehicle on the road or parking, the Car Is easy covered with dust particles, such as bird droppings, especially after rain, long time inside the acid Will corrode the surface of Car paint, thIs situation Will result in the Car no longer bright, serious may appear fade phenomenon.

5 should be checked to replace the usual Car oil, and other Automotive engine components are inseparable from the normal operation of the lubricating oil, cleaning and so on. Therefore, it Is timely to check the oil gauge to see if the oil Is normal. .

Maintenance Precautions

1 Body to Care: Spring more sand in the airMany impurities, such as catkins, sand and the like. Fine sand can easily enter into the engine compartment lid, so to promptly clean up the dust around the engine, pay attention to protect the Car paint. After the closure glaze Car paint brightness and hardness are greatly improved. For some of the excellent quality of the glaze, the vehicle Is very obvious cosmetic effect, it can maintain smooth paint, bright Rita a year, and also to prevent the erosion of acid rain in the summer paint.

2 “heart” Maintenance: Engine prolonged use coke Will form a thick layer, the rubber member of the engine corrosion, affecting the normal running of the Automobile, so the engine Is very time cleaning necessary. The cleaning layer after the engine maintenance wax, to prevent the metal parts inside the engine rust and corrosion of the rubber member, more heart health benefit Car.

3 Car to sterilization: spring temperature gradually increased, the growth of a variety of bacterial breeding season, so pay special attention to the Car interior of bacteria, let the cab to stay dry sanitation, particularly for Car upholstery, floor mats, steering wheel cover, vent these health corners more to do cleaning work, keep the Car clean and dry environment.

4 wiper to Care: increase spring rain Is bound to make the wiper to assume more responsibility. If the wipers are not well washed off the rain, it Will bring great danger to your driving safety, so its inspection and maintenance to be more Careful in place. The owner can switch the wiper at various speeds, take note whether there wiper vibration and abnormal sound during operation, to check whether the wiper at different speeds to maintain a certain speed, to observe the state of the wiper, and a wiper rod if there are uneven or mIssing scratch phenomenon of rocking.