Repair the old master: vehicle maintenance Do not try to “maintenance” these four places, not good but also a waste of money

repair the old master: vehicle maintenance Do not try to “maintenance” these four places, not good but also a waste of money

Although now more and more people buy Cars many, in fact, a lot of people but not for maintenance 10. understand the Car, they are often sent inside 4s shop maintenance vehicle maintenance in time, but also how 4s shop employee said, on how they, in fact, for vehicle maintenance to say, we really need some knowledge, otherwIse there may be a part of the maintenance, not only let us spent odds, but also useless then repair the old master told us in the maintenance of the Car, try not to Care thIs four places, not only do no good, but also a waste of money.

A lot of people sent in the Car maintenance, these 4s shop maintenance staff, they’ll give some owners recommended a variety of projects, in fact, for these projects, some of the projects are useful, but there are some projects really no use, but also for our Car also did not have much in terms of benefits, such as cleaning up the oil that Is on a lot of 4s the shop Will recommend a maintenance man, they say that thIs part of the oil that Is the case require frequent cleaning, it Is possible for our Car. But good Is not able to properly clean up the oil frequently, as often clean up the oil, then it Will cause wear and tear on thIs site for our Car so naturally there Will be a lot of hurt.

There Is some people to Car maintenance, the service staff Will recommend our tires to the Car waxing, tells us that in a Car after waxing tires, not only to make our Car tire looks very new, but also to protect our Automobile tires, but thIs Car for waxing, in fact, it still has a big difference, although such a Car tire wax, it Is indeed possible to make our Car tires look a little cleaner, but waxing the Car tire Is divided into a number of different quality Car tires under normal circumstances 4s shop may use waxing Some are relatively poor, these poor tire waxing not only give us a good tire to bring help, but Will corrode our tires, but also very dangerous.

The first three should be noted that, in fact we replace the maintenance time of the oil, and many people may find ourselves in a vehicle maintenance time, 4s shop staff when always said we need to change the oil, and it Will also recommend some of our more expensive oil, told us that thIs Is the original oil, in fact, it does not need to change the oil too diligent, because we all know that oil changes have been basIs to follow only after a certain number of Cars kilometers before they can change the oil, if oil changes 10 minutes diligent, then, in fact, for our Cars Is not much good.

The last one Is if 4s shop staff recommended we use fuel additives, then thIs time we need sternly rejected, although many people feel that thIs fuel additives are useful, but for the fuel additive, we all know it’s quality Is uneven, but we also do not know they gave us the use of thIs fuel additive in the end quality Is good or bad, if we Some refuse to use the special quality of the fuel additive, then for our Car’s engine Is a great harm, especially it may cause us Car engine running not so, in fact, for our Car itself, Is greater an injury.