Repair master Reminder: ThIs four car maintenance project as little as possible, the more frequent the more hurt car!

As the saying goes, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, in fact, that Is to afford Cars, but could not afford the Car, various cost a lot, the Car belongs to consumer goods, little added value, but but it Is also a lot of people travel essential means of transport, whether it Is fuel vehicles or electric vehicles, often had to take Care to use, do not Care, then, the life of the Car Will be affected. But it does not mean that as long as the maintenance of certain benefits for Car repair master reminder: four Car maintenance project as little as possible, the more frequent the more hurt Car!

First, a first: clean oil. In fact, there are many people go to 4s shop maintenance Car, inside 4s shop staff Will recommend some other maintenance projects, in fact, there Will certainly be a wash oil in these projects which they recommend the project for these people do not understand it Is, in fact, thIs site Is not regularly cleaned, if cleaned frequently, it Is possible to wear the situation Will appear, if you are very diligent cleaning, then wear Will also appear soon, so that thIs really Is white go to 4s shops to give money, but also the more support the more bad. Second: engine maintenance. In fact, thIs Is an engine cleaner, and then added to the lIst as long as 10 minutes idling on it, it Is very simple to operate, but you spend a few hundred dollars or even more money to clean. In fact, thIs Is also no need to spend money, some debrIs inside the engine of what Is normal, as long as you change the oil when the oil grid incidentally, has had enough!

Third: frequent waxing. Waxing make Car paint look brighter and more light, because the wax Is in fact clean water after using wax finIsh, after re-polIshing to achieve results. Because some wax contains a basic substance, prolonged use of the vehicle body becomes black. Waxing best choice moderate stain removal abrasive and free of wax components. Frequent waxing Is not to say waxing. Fourth: oil change. I believe that many owners know the first thing Is Car maintenance oil change, but change the oil Is very particular about, you do not need to change the frequency Is too high, it should be specific to see how hIs Car Is provided, some 7000 Cars km for once, some Car 10,000 km for once, if not to the general time owners simply do not rush to replace it.

Finally, Xiao Bian want to say, vehicle maintenance not be too deliberate, just click on the line in the daily attention, maintenance time Is not very long, if you find a big problem, sent directly to the Car 4s shop It was detected just fine. Many people believe that frequent washing of the vehicle that Is capable of becoming beautiful can also protect the paint of the vehicle, but after all, some of the Car wash Is not so professional people washing, as well as detergent, mops and other vehicles have some of the paint the impact of even undermine finIsh.