Recommend collection, vehicle maintenance and the most critical period of 4 large, mIssed the “old” fast!

Lead: recommended collection, vehicle maintenance five most critical period, mIssed the “old” fast!

Hello everybody, I am glad to do with you again to share with you today to talk about the topic of maintenance of vehicles, although the Car Is already everywhere, the price a year than a year offers, but buying a Car may be the family’s hard-earned money, so we have to treat it daily, so as to better serve us. And the Car also has a life cycle, if you do not pay attention, it Will strike early, premature aging, not only to experience bad sense, but also their money and time. The following Is a summary of the old master Automobile repair Automotive Car Care out of the most critical period of 4 large, fast mIssed the “old”!

First: growth run-in period 1–2 years

Car also with people the same. Has a long-term, to the natural aging period, so when buying a new vehicle, in 1–2 years, are regarded as prospective new Car, so thIs time the Car Is still in the running-in period to grow, we have to pay attention to something very simple, Is to look at Car maintenance instruction manual and follow the instructions to do it, for the first time maintenance for three months or 3,000 kilometers, which Is very important, must be done.

to a second end of the year, almost in the amount of more than 10,000 kilometers, then I believe many people or just a change oil filter, in fact, at thIs time should give the Car do a more comprehensive maintenance, such as coolant, brake oil, power oil are checked again, need to change to change for the better.

Second, gold maturity 3–5 years

in fact, we all know, many manufacturers for vehicle warranty, usually three years, over a three-year warranty Is not, in fact, thIs Is a reason, because three years, in fact, belong to the growth run-in period, By the third year we are still golden period, so in thIs case the problem Is not much. But after the third year, each component of the vehicle Will be the phenomenon of aging.

performance, fuel consumption began to increase, Dynamic performance be biased, but still functioning well, for the owners service. So pay attention to the maintenance of the following:

1, a few kilometers to the daily, each model Is different, must go to maintenance, replace the oil machine filtered, clean air filters;

2, the vehicle to do a comprehensive inspection, Big Three comprehensive inspection, such as: engine, gearbox, construction sites, there Is a problem if one investigation;

the main check whether leakage of oil, transmIssion fluid whether leakage, if the site where there Is damage to the engine if the three-way catalyst Is clogged, clean coke.

3, annual inspections of the tire, the transducer Is replaced; check brakes, wipers and lights are associated comprehensive examination of the transducer change. The change of fuel rods change.

vehicle so we had the first three years, 3, 4, 5 years must remember one investigation in accordance with the above steps, the only way to guarantee the full vehicle without problems.

Overall, during thIs period, the vehicle Is in a strong prime time, the more we strengthen inspection and maintenance, because after a lot of problems are not at thIs time and remove the cause of.

Third, the aging recession 6–10 years

When a Car, opened the first 5 years, then from 6 years to 10 years, Is in recession aging, with the same people, at thIs time the various organs are great as before, mainly on the power on acceleration, fuel consumption, they have been declining, and maintenance costs began to rIse up. Maintenance Is recommended to do the following:

1 overall to finIsh polIshing the Car once a year, once a month to the Car waxing, ensure aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

2, for the oil filter to be more frequently, because thIs better protect dynamic performance.

3, to strengthen the Car’s catalytic converters to clean, clean washCoke, try to guarantee full combustion of gasoline.

4, 4S shop full regular basIs to do maintenance to the Car, whether the exclusion 3 large failure, such as transmIssion oil, once a muddy, not replaced, there Will be a sense of frustration .

5, timely check the battery case, the line, want to change the lights Is aging.

In general, at thIs stage of the vehicle it has been year after year, and we have a plan to do more to vehicle inspection and maintenance are correct ensure safe driving, no accident.

Fourth, the elimination of old age 11–15 years

we all know, At present, the new Car Is scrapped policy Is 15-year period of use, so the first 11 years, then your Car slowly approaching retirement age, and thIs time the situation Is often less to drive long dIstances, because urban areas They are likely to break down, so the Car to be standing some tools, such as adding air pump, Car battery, etc., just in case there Is no electricity, turn off, you can drive. In addition, do the following:

1, check the chassIs to see if there are places rusty.

2, power systems, and more attention, especially fuel thIs one, thIs time to drink oil vehicle faster than before, so clean up Carbon deposits in a timely manner.

3, Car battery, the forum best monthly check, otherwIse open halfway strike.

4, a checking operation of the gearbox half.

In fact, of course, a vehicle to thIs year, the Vehicle AdminIstration should regularly check your vehicle, it Is proposed to thIs year’s vehicle, as a means of transport to the city now! Do drove away.

written in the last

In fact, for the maintenance of the vehicle, just the usual treat yourself Like everyday life, to heart, observe, feel companionshipHIs old Car, once there Is something wrong place, check it immediately, not procrastination, overhaul a lot of problems are dragged out of the vehicle. Finally, I wIsh you all a safe journey home by Car. Like to collection!