Really understand the tires are so tire maintenance!

As the saying goes “a good horse with a good saddle,” so good Car? Naturally with good tires. Their Car tires Will naturally be equipped with comfort, the wear resIstance. For good in terms of tire puncture it seems to be very common thing, but a tire puncture Is a very dangerous thing. Tire puncture means the tire to lose air suddenly burst in a very short period of time and deflated. Cause tire puncture are what it?

tire pressure, tire pressure either too high or too low tire pressure can cause a puncture, the tire pressure Is too high Will lead to more tire upon impact of easily deformed plies fracture more easily, it Will puncture. The low tire pressure Will increase the friction between the tire and the ground, resulting in deterioration of load-bearing capacity of the tire, while the temperature of the tire in rIsing, tire causing a puncture easier delamination. Tire pressure Is too high or too low Will seriously affect the life of the tire. Check tire pressure before driving Is still very necessary.

Is a major cause of blIster puncture. Side of the tire are very fragile, without the support ply on the side, at the time of impact or bump cord fracture more easily. Curb, potholes uneven pavement, uneven manhole covers and so on Will have a different impact on the side of the tire. In the case of rupture of the cord, the probability of the tire bulge greatly increased the chance of puncture greatly increased. For traffic safety recommended to choose a good road driving.

sharp object punctured tire Is also a major cause of tire puncture. Only tire gap, drove along the road, the driver may not be observed nails, stones, broken glass and other sharp objects, sharp objects after punctured tire can cause the tire pressure constantly decreases the capacity of the tire deteriorates the temperature inside the tire due to excessive friction Is still rIsing, very easily lead to a variety of factors fusion tire blowout caused the fault.

long high speed and also can cause excessive load puncture. Car for a long time at high speed, the friction of the tire with the ground Will generate a lot of heat, a large amount of heat can cause temperature rIse of the tire itself, since higher temperature makes the tire pressure resIstance Is deteriorated, because the gas temperature within the tire RIseGenerating high expansion gas expansion leading to increased tire pressure. High-speed passenger Car tires for a long time to keep running, tire strain rare face to adjust. Under pressure of the tire and worse, so long also leads to high speed puncture easily.

a puncture caused by excessive load occurs mostly in trucks above, many of the trucks Will increase the load on the vehicle to make more profit, truck induces excessive pressure within the tire Is too large, the inside of the tire ply long time in the state of excessive pressure, the ply Is very easily broken, easily lead to wire breakage ply tire.

that the tire after a puncture how to do it? First, the steering wheel Is gripped firmly stabilize direction and then uninterrupted light brakes, downshift, open the double flash, slowly pulled to the curb, the replacement or spare tire waiting for rescue. After a flat tire must hold mentality, do not Jicha or direction of play.

in order to prevent puncture, in the maintenance of the Car when the tires also Carry out maintenance; but also timely replacement of aging, drum kits and other Issues tires; while driving try to choose a good road driving; fully check the tire pressure before driving; not overloaded, not a long time at high speed and so on. Such tires Will have a much longer life cycle.