Raiders keep a car: old driver of car care Daquan

[master Car: Car maintenance Cars] more and more popular, Car maintenance also began to be valued by everyone up, but it comes to Car maintenance Car above many parts, Car maintenance Is what we in the Car spend most do not understand, prepare a master gave you keep a Car Raiders.

oil vehicle, there are a lot of oil that we usually maintain the focus on Automotive vehicles, such as motor oil, brake fluid, transmIssion oil, steering they are boosting oil maintenance state between the respective systems, play a role in lubrication, cleaning and protection of the work of the site. There coolant, glass of water, battery water, usually when maintenance Is also to look at whether the water level in these standard line, less to timely supply. Finally, it should be noted that the oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, air filters, to remember their replacement cycle, to be replaced in a given period of time.

vehicle maintenance, vehicle maintenance into routine maintenance and routine maintenance. Routine maintenance Is our Car maintenance Car maintenance manuals above the periodic table, routine maintenance and maintenance in small and large maintenance.

little maintenance, maintenance, small maintenance vehicles are generally Carried out in a short time interval, such as last conducted a more comprehensive major maintenance, thIs time It Is to do a little maintenance, small maintenance generally only need to change the oil and oil filter proceeds.

major maintenance, Car maintenance intervals bigger and longer, and each major maintenance items are not certain, the price Will be different, major maintenance interval of 40,000 km before the general need for a more comprehensive maintenance.

routine maintenance, such maintenance Is the owner of the Car she usually Carried a simple check, strong hands can also save money routine maintenance items.

Master Summary: The most important thing Is Car maintenance of some vehicles Consumable accessories, learn to keep a Car Raiders-yourself Car maintenance.