Quite a lot of car maintenance, these tips to learn a good school!

Many owners, especially novice owners, during vehicle maintenance and repair, it Will first select the 4S shop. First, the service Is relatively sound, and second, the quality Is guaranteed. Of course, the owners have some tips before going to the 4S shop, which would make their Cars more convenient maintenance and repair.

1, select a fixed 4S store

In one fixed 4S shop maintenance can completely keep your Car maintenance records, so the master in maintenance can be more targeted to select the most reasonable maintenance plan. In addition, in the 4S shop maintenance for a long time after, you can also get a lot of benefits, such as regular customers enjoy free man-hours fees. In addition, the master Will be more to take Care of you. When big trouble, the master Will be more Careful to help you solve.

2. Choose the right time

Most Car owners usually selected for maintenance during weekends and holidays, do a maintenance takes four five hours. Therefore, it Is recommended that you try to stagger the peak time during vehicle maintenance, choose Monday to Friday 4S shop of the idle time. Of course, online booking maintenance can greatly save waiting time.

3, attention 4S store promotions

In general, 4S store promotions from time to time hold some maintenance activities. Some promotional activities Is very large, you can save a lot of maintenance costs for the owners. Everyone can go to the official website 4S shop or Auto 4S shop website concern the latest promotional activities.

4, master the basics of Car repair and maintenance

encountered some problems gadgets, veteran might consider outside to buy accessories, cheaper, 4S shop to charge time charge, it Is worth noting that quality assurance must be purchased accessories. Novice recommended before buy accessories, you can consult a professional 4S shop maintenance instructors. Here, also recommended that owners, especially new owners, have some simple inspection items, such as checking the oil level, water and wiper water, tread wear, and learn to make your own. ThIsSome basic maintenance knowledge, professional Car repair site are described in detail.

Automotive repair and maintenance of common sense

Sometimes, for convenience, many owners Will choose some of the nearby roadside repair shop . In thIs case, remind them when choosing a roadside repair shop for repair and maintenance, should pay attention to keep close observation to prevent maintenance personnel tricks, shoddy, trade and so on. In addition, the proposed new Car owners choose 4S shops, more secure. Finally, for the new Car warranty period, we recommend that owners choose to Auto manufacturers designated professional repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance, because Car manufacturers have clearly defined replacement parts. If the owner during the warranty period Is not specified by the manufacturer of professional repair shop or 4S shop to do, after the replacement of parts, if quality problems related accessories, 4S shop can reject a claim, to the time the owner Is very loss.