Proper car maintenance knowledge, in order to avoid being fooled, it Is necessary to carefully understand

With the rapid economic development, people’s standard of living Will improve, among the living “clothing, food, shelter , the line “in the” line “, but also reflect an important part of the true quality of life, in order to improve the ease of travel, the Car has become the first choice, then there’s the amount of Cars on more and more, the Car Is a consumable, everyday use and proper maintenance of them Is on the future maintenance and preservation rate Is directly related to, but also to raIse the most important indicator of the cost of the Car. So the question Is, the right Car maintenance of common sense, you know how much? We come together to dIscuss the exchange about.

1, replacing the engine oil, the engine just as the human “heart”, oil Is the “heart” of the blood, Is very important to work in the engine in the process, oil played to the lubrication, cooling, cleaning booty engine friction effect, guarantee the normal operation of the engine, extending engine life. So the role of engine oil for normal operation and long service life are very important. The oil change Is every maintenance project Will do, how long that in the end Is the most suitable time to replace it? , Have said that 5,000 km, 10,000 km of speaking, also said three months, six months for once, 4S shop say it Is 5000 km or six months. Change the oil mainly to see the type of oil available to dIstinguIsh, ① if it Is fully synthetic motor oil, 10,000 km replacement (even if not always open, it must be replaced a year); ② semi-synthetic oil, 7000-8000 km replace; ③ mineral oil , 5000 km must be replaced (not recommended). If thIs Is the first time maintenance can advance, because the engine before the first insurance, Is in the first run-in period, there Will be more mechanical debrIs Will appear in the engine. Earlier they do maintenance “release” came out, the engine Is definitely beneficial rather than harmful.

2, replacing antifreeze, antifreeze and antifreeze cooled mainly two functions, the tank Is mainly for antifreeze, to prevent outside air temperature Is too when the lead Car radiator freezing, cooling the engine cooling system to cool the engine operation at high ambient temperatures, to avoid overheating the engine flameout, guaranteeNormal driving the Car. That antifreeze actually too long to replace a more normal it? Time 4 years or 60,000 km with replacement, usually to observe when you need to add Is less than min (minimum).

3, three filters (oil filters, air conditioning filters, gas oil filter) replacement, “three filter” It acts on the Car people masks often used, Is to block harmful substances into an important part of the Car, make sure they are clean, which Is the direct protection of the Car body’s health, three filter how long it Is appropriate for once? ① oil filter replacement with the replacement of oil with the air conditioning filter ② normally replaced every 20,000 km 20000 km ③ external fuel filter replacement once built 40,000 km in the tank to replace the

4, spark plug replacement spark plug Is the key to the Car ignition, and ignition system Is the primary starting point engine system, so the spark plug performance Is good or bad relationship with the performance and efficiency of the engine, then how to choose the spark plug How often should, with the engine Is the most work? ① ordinary spark plugs Copper: 20,000 km; ② nickel alloy spark plug: 30,000 km; ③ platinum spark plugs: 50,000 km; ④ Iridium spark plugs: 7-9 kilometers.

5, replace the battery, the battery plays an important role in Automobile use, if it can not provide power, Will not lead to engine ignition, All electrical components can not be used, and so on, so that the Car battery Is also very important. In general, the use of the Car battery Is replaced every 2 years, if maintenance Is good, can be used for 3–4 years. To ground inspection, to check once a week in summer, winter inspected once every two weeks.

6, replacement of Automobile brake fluid, brake fluid brake known liquid, the whole braking process pushing the brake pump hydraulic oil to work, normal vehicle traveling 40,000 kilometers or brake fluid used continuously for more than two years, the brake fluid Is easy to use due to the long time and deterioration, must be promptly replaced.

7, brakeReplacement Car sheet, the brake system of the vehicle, the brake pads are the most critical safety components. The quality of all the braking effect of the brake pads are decIsive, so that good brakes Is the patron saint of people and Cars. Replacement brake pads and brake dIscs time period Is not fixed, depending on the vehicle traveling road, the driver stepped on the brake pedal frequency and intensity. General conventional brake pads replaced every travel mileage Is around 25,000 -3 million kilometers. We should always check the brakes, see if it needs to be replaced.

8, replace the gearbox oil, transmIssion at high temperatures due to work long-term, Will make it faster and worn parts, or even damaged. Second, if the long-term replacement Automotive transmIssion oil, then, the Car may appear difficult start in the winter phenomenon prone to slip or in motion, causing safety problems with the process. So Is the gearbox oil should be changed regularly, the Car Is divided into manual and Automatic gearboxes, ① Automatic transmIssion oil needs every two years or 40,000 km with Automatic transmIssion oil changed once in general; ② manual gearbox oil takes two years or 40,000 km replacement.

more Car maintenance knowledge, we hope to help You! If better suggestions welcome message exchange, to work together to protect our Car.