Please vehicle maintenance control, the three best places little touch, once the damage Is hidden

general Car friends at home, daily life, always the “maintenance” of the word, in order to extend the life of the vehicle, the owner must own Car for routine maintenance. Because the Car as a consumables, maintenance Is very important, but we also should not be used in excessive maintenance of the Car, so the Car sometimes instead of harmful! Please control Car maintenance, these three places the best little touch, once the damage Is hidden!

1. Fuel Additive

Fuel Additive majority of owners should understand that it Is used to clean engine deposits and oil Road, every time I drive to the gas station, there Will be a group of sales people enthusiastic to introduce you to the advantages of fuel additives. Some owners are more clever. Fuel additives bought in advance or on the trunk, poured into the tank when refueling. There are riders on doubt, and fuel additives are often added to it really necessary? Of course not, in fact, we absolutely do not need to spend the money wasted, because the gasoline itself can act as a cleaner, well clean-up engine deposits and oil passages. In case buy fuel additive quality problems, not only would not achieve the role of clean-up, there Is likely to intensify the phenomenon of engine deposits, which we should pay attention.

2. Frequent washing vehicles

Many owners may not know, the Car factory when the body Will have some Cars wax Is present to protect the Car body paint, so the new Car looks are usually sparkling. But the number of times you wash too much, it Will become increasingly thin wax Car wax Car’s original paint faster oxidation with air; and some owners of Car wash operations are not standardized, which can lead to premature paint damaged. So a Car wash to grasp the degree.

3. Nacelle

owners cleaning when the Car, directly washed with water then it may affect the engine compartment and the engine compartment there are very complex line plug, clean the engine compartment with water for a long time, Is likely to increase the probability of short circuit, but add a lot of trouble for himself!

Xiao Bian concluded Is: Car maintenance Is good, but should be in moderation, so as to make the Car longer used! You feel it, there are other questions please comment in the comments area. (Photos from the network, if infringement please contact deleted)