Pit stop was a novice, these car maintenance not always have to do, learn to avoid these fooled

Car Is now very common means of transport, can be said to have walked into the thousands of families, to our lives has brought great convenience, but now a lot of people can drive, does not mean to say you the Car really understand, like some of the maintenance of the Car, it has a lot of knowledge, we need to learn. Pit stop was a novice, these Car maintenance not always have to do, learn to avoid them fooled.

For some novice, we just bought a Car Is very happy, but also great Care, not only Will often go to our Car wash, or plating crystal, and it Will give our Cars were foil, and so do some of the protection project, in time to travel by Car, we also fear that heavy throttle Will cause some damage to the Car, in fact, not only excessive Car maintenance without any benefit to the Car, but there Will be some harm.

Today I talk to you, we have some maintenance projects at the time of vehicle maintenance, not to say that each time to do all of us be sure to know, do not be fooled others, innocently unaware of it.

We went to 4s shop maintenance or repair of the Car when, in accordance with the requirements mechanic on Car maintenance, but there are some maintenance can be said to be completely unnecessary they just to earn some money, but there are some maintenance, its cost Is very high, then follow me with a look which items do not need to do it every time.

The first one Is the 4 position, for such a maintenance, I believe we are very familiar with, because every time we go to 4S shop maintenance time the staff Will introduce us to such a maintenance program, maintenance of such a project Is not to say every time the offset phenomenon needs to be done when our Car occur during normal driving, so at thIs time we need to do thIs 4 positioning, and otherwIse Is wasted money wasted. Under normal circumstances, we travel 50,000 kilometers in the Car when you can do a four positioning.

our normal Car tooCheng Is not necessary to Carry out maintenance cycle ahead, then for a lot of beginners, they are in the Care of our Cars Is like a little child Care, it can be said to be particularly Careful, but also particularly Careful.

then a lot of the staff would say our maintenance cycle 2000 km in advance should, in fact, thIs Is completely unnecessary, as long as our Cars are normal driving the case Is no need for maintenance cycle ahead of time, even hundreds of kilometers to go late maintenance, it Will not cause some damage to our Car.

Another point Is that the antifreeze replacement cycle Is also very important, Automotive oil and water Is the maintenance of our Cars in a very important process, it Is necessary to regularly the replacement, otherwIse it Will lead to our Car parts cause some wear and tear.

then for Automobile antifreeze its life Is actually very long, mainly for cooling the engine and act as heat, not to say that every replacement cycle cryogenic liquid under normal circumstances a maintenance need to be replaced in five years or 60,000 kilometers, if the deletion occurs before thIs period, then we should immediately go to add.

The last point Is the brakes, not always need to change the Car’s brakes, the Car Is also for us Is very important, but also particularly vulnerable to wear and tear one component, but not to say that every time we go to Car maintenance when they are needed to be replaced. Under normal circumstances brake dIsc replacement cycle Is about 60,000 km, 4s shop for insurance in the first time requires you to replace the brakes phenomenon, in which case we can ignore the.