Period of five car maintenance, be sure not to mIss

Now we are focusing on the maintenance of their Car, including the 4S shop to do regular maintenance, do their own home maintenance, Car and we like people, have a certain life cycle, generally divided into the Car run-in period, golden age, maturity, decline phase, phase-out period, corresponding to a certain period do get Care, they are sure not to be mIssed, which can increase life of the Car.

run-in period

usually we just buy a Car within a year , then the various functions of the vehicle are relatively intact, at thIs time we need to learn to use various parts of the Car function, to fit the need for some routine maintenance to replace the gasoline, check and clean air, air-conditioning filters, check the chassIs dust cover, Car tires. Do these routine checks, use smoother handling of the Car, eliminate small problems.

golden period

Is generally used within three years, the majority of Car the parts are within three years, and have a shelf life of three years that our maintenance costs Will greatly improve, then the whole Car to do the relevant checks, like those in the running of basic maintenance done can not be lost, the examination of focus on the top security system.


generally had a shelf life of three years to the fifth year, at thIs time the Car has been the pinnacle of the state, after thIs period began the gradual emergence of problems, beginning aging parts, Auto appearance can be, thIs time to pay attention to check that: brake pads (play a key role in the braking system), shock absorbers, fuel pump.

period of decline

Is generally six to ten years, when the Car began exposure to various ailments, various Automobile parts also began aging, rubber, paint appearance, the engine should focus, enhance the maintenance of the Car,Do maintenance work.

out of

Is usually 10 years later, thIs time with the Car we have a certain period of time, may at any time Will be a variety of Auto insurance problems, they began to enter the end, well in advance of each trip inspection should, in general thIs time the owners Will choose to change.

In order to improve the life of our Car, check the relevant period to do yo!