Paul Is the first car in the end Shashi Hou? Che question: advance care Will hurt the car?

With the increasing popularity of the Automobile, for the understanding of the Car, Car faithful are also becoming more aware, but how to do Car maintenance still need to focus on understanding. Particularly with regard to the first maintenance vehicles, many drivers are not able to accurately grasp the opportunity. Paul Is the first Car in the end Shashi Hou? Che question: advance Care Will hurt the Car?

According to Car maintenance manuals, it takes about 5,000 km when Cars, or six months for the first time when you need to do maintenance, but the actual situation and not the case, the advice of older drivers, many riders are ahead of the first Car to do maintenance, such as 3000 kilometers, when there are a lot of people do Car maintenance for the first time.

older drivers thIs suggestion makes sense to speak of, first of all from the point of view of time, start with the new Car Will certainly be a period of transition, basically three months to on it, there Is no need six months or a year’s time, and thIs time should be from the Car off the assembly line since the beginning of time, the owner should not be driving down the road of time.

To tell you the performance and quality Issues. According to the introduction on some Car maintenance manuals, vehicle driving 5,000 kilometers to the Car for the first time to do maintenance, but it Is based on actual vehicle driving conditions, Will also affect the quality of the oil for the first time maintenance mileage. And the new Car running consume more, appropriate to shorten the first insurance mileage can also be understood, not hurt Car.

According to an understanding of thIs point of view, the quality of the oil Will affect the Car’s first maintenance process. Therefore, under certain circumstances, if we choose a fully synthetic engine oil, in a sense, it can be extended for the first time Car maintenance time. But do maintenance when we must first comprehensive inspection and remove hidden dangers.