Only 10% of car owners know the cold knowledge of car maintenance

Hi, little friends Hello, everyone! Today our topic Is still the Car maintenance. Vehicle maintenance directly related to the Car’s life and health, for Car maintenance, we can not just rely on the store maintenance, we also have to have some maintenance tips, can we do better routine maintenance.

Today, little sense for everyone to bring some cold Car maintenance knowledge. It Is said that only one in ten owners know yo ~

clogged air filter Will not only lead to engine intake Is insufficient, combustion of fuel incomplete, the engine job insecurity, loss of power, increase fuel consumption; engine Will cause the inhalation of air with dust particles, it Will greatly shorten the life of the oil filter, and lead to increased abrasion inside the engine, increasing the damage probability.

we have to check the filter regularly, if not much dust, not so serious clogging, the net can be blown from the inside outward. If the blockage Is serious, must be replaced to avoid bringing other losses.

also known antifreeze coolant, to protect the engine block and prevent abnormal start the vehicle in low-temperature region. Coolant also to prevent boiling, so whether it Is winter or summer, the coolant should be checked in time.

After the engine coolant, the coolant should be at the level between the full and low position. Is too small, add dIstilled water, purified water or chilled liquid immediately after the addition of the liquid level can not exceed the full bit. If the coolant short time reduction can be Yoshinobu sheet spray Industrial Park check to prevent leakage.

Is to play the role of Automotive belt connecting link, Is connected to an upper portion of the engine head timing pulley, Is connected to a lower portion of a crankshaft timing pulley. Automotive belts has been a long time in the application engine, less noIse, but require regular inspection and maintenance.

If at the start the Car or driving a Car, belts have found sound, so there are twoPossibilities: First, there Is no long-term belt adjustment, to adjust to; second, belts aging, such cases must be replaced with new belt.