On vehicle maintenance and some small knowledge

Cars become more and more people out of the tool, the more people become second lover, lover thing! You are Willing to spend money on her, she obedience to you, you are not Willing to give her money, to quickly see your face, today we have to talk about thIs Car lover to spend some small knowledge .

The first point: about maintenance. Speaking vehicle maintenance everyone Is familiar with 5000 km or six months to do a maintenance, whichever comes first count which, after finIshed maintenance 4S shop in the gift of a trust to find their own maintenance point of change, so you’ll find a down save a lot of money.

The second point: about fuel filter. If you open the Car Is not so strong and the Car was found, and the number of refueling more and more frequent, then you should go check Check the filter gasoline Is not what’s wrong!

The third point: there Is a spark plug. Played motorcycle, or who have studied the motorcycle knows. ThIs principle Is similar to what used are the same. There are different Is that now both domestic and imported Cars are all spark plug cylinder Car broke down a four-cylinder Car into a three-cylinder Car, a cylinder does not work, then what power would far worse, there Will be jitter pull! not pull! while waiting for a problem, so 5W Is a big maintenance phase, most of the stuff needs to change.

The fourth point: cleaning on the intake valve. First, we must understand the intake valve in the end Is what? Behind the air through the air filter, while the intake valve has a filtering effect, but there Will be a lot of dirty things can not be filtered out, there Will be a lot of dust accumulation, lack of air, fuel combustion Is not enough, if you feel the Car shake, lack of strength, it could also be the intake valve needs to be cleaned. About 5W kilometers. Of course, if you have three to five years to open the Car, yet she ran 5W kilometers, you have to clean it up.

Fifth: About tire. For people without a Car tire Car it Is also well-known of it, which Is more simple ah! We all know that tire safety line, and now office workersCommuting Is required to drive, mileage also ten thousand kilometers of it, not even to some ten thousand kilometers of it! ThIs tire also ran five years about 50,000 km, security also deep trough, then for no change? Do not run high speed would not have changed, the simplest view Is to see that the tires have no small cracks, if you are at home in the community, often inside the Car and then downtown, Is not bad as long as you do not need to replace the new, if you want to have some time run high-speed, it Is necessary to change, after all, a flat tire, but really very dangerous at high speed.

Sixth: About bump. Bump on the Car, novice drivers Is inevitable thing, so the problem often drive even the veteran Is no way to avoid, hIs Car Is not a need to make paint thIs Car Is required to live in their own judgment, light and small bump scratches, if not deep, do not, then do not open at the end of the tube. If deeper, then, even if very small, need touch-up painting, such as cuttings in the steel plate are exposed, and even then fine, you have to make up.

Well, on some small knowledge on thIs point, do not know what, or what you want to know, please leave a message for small series , Xiao Bian Will strenuous efforts have to solve your problems for everyone! Small series Will continue with the new too! Xiao Bian attention Oh!