Old drivers to teach you to car tires waxing maintenance

how Car wash after wash you Car Will give you a Car tire marked with a tire or tire wax oil, but are you sure that you hit the Car wash to tire tire wax or oil Really Well? now say that the difference between us and the maintenance of tire maintenance.

dirty tire produces a variety of iron dust and the dust dIsk brake pads with the brake dIsc and friction on the hub.

attached to the tire and wheel, Is obviously the same as a Car was like an old Car tires, however tire.

of thIs white iron calipers dirt, dust, acid rain and leaves through decayCorrosive water quality produced, attached to the caliper generated.

long-term Care Will become increasingly serious.

tube tires or wheels require regular maintenance if long-term maintenance Will cause some necessary rIsk. For example brake failure, the hub deformation aging, the aging of the tire, a puncture prone to burst.

words to say do start cleaning and maintenance.

Is sprayed onto the tire and the hub thIs Is called a hub dedicated clean element, which surface dirty tire wheels and an exploded role and lubrication.

these are washed a tire with a special tool hub

brIstle brush, can only be used to brush the surface of the tire, remove some stubborn dirt.

soft brush Is used to clean the surface of the hub and the slot.

also includes a nut bore

long-handled brush to clean the inside of the hub, the hub which Is also difficult to clean side.

hub inside dirt inside than outside more harm

After cleaning of the tire, the hub should be so.

appears more comfortable Yes

wall of the hub Is clean, But there are drops of water.

connected to the tire wax, which tire Is a tire-specific wax, the tire Will cause some damages.

special tires would produce harm tire wax, tire wax, however, those of ordinary tires and oil damage to the tire how it Is put into words, regular or long-term use those ordinary tire wax, oil Will produce tire puncture tire crack, if you’re running speed when you long-term use because of inferior products that have some damage to the tire blew. or fetal crack, that’s how dangerous?

real product used in rainbow spots on tires Will blIster, after the dry tires should now be lit with a towel Sassafras dry Is bright, Will produce a rainbow pattern, so, tires, wheels are needed maintenance, but also spotted the maintenance of the store, and then have your Car tire wheel hub harm, bodily harm to you also .