Old drivers to teach you the recipe, car tire maintenance Is so easy

Car tires are the only parts in contact with the ground, like a Car’s foot, for normal driving and traffic safety Car have great significance. But in the course of daily Car, many owners Will ignore the maintenance of tires, tires are always subconsciously feel durable goods.

In fact, in the usual driving process, due to prolonged frictional contact with the ground, while the weight of the vehicle and the passenger Carrier, the loss of the tire than everyone imagination Is more serious, if you usually do not do maintenance work tires, one hand Will lead to shortened life of the tire, on the other hand also lead to accidents such as a flat tire. Therefore, tire maintenance Is a very important thing.

Now, Xiao Bian teach you a few tire maintenance tips.

regularly check the tire pressure

Car tires tire pressure affects a very important factor, it Car the role of foot equivalent effect on people. If you want to protect the driving feel and driving safety of the Car, then let the Car’s tire pressure to ensure that in the normal range.

Generally tire pressure between 2.4 ~ 2.5bar, if the tire pressure Is enhanced between 2.8-2.9bar. Tire pressure Is too high Will affect the Car’s driving feeling, tire contact with the ground area Is too small, the resIstance Is reduced, prone to slipping phenomenon, but tires easily bulge or direct puncture. Tire pressure Is too low, the contact area between the tire and the ground Is too large, the resIstance increases, fuel consumption Will be increased.

so regularly check the tire pressure Is very important thing. Recommended that owners can purchase a tire pressure monitor, monitor what every twelve weeks. Now, however, a little bit attention to the safety of the Car Will be installed tire pressure monitoring function, such as Yu Sheng s350 it comes with tire pressure monitoring function, and Is equipped with MaxxIs BRAVO series of off-road tires, front and rear tires are 265/65 specifications R17.

to the position change of tires

as long as the Car four tires due to the effect Is not the same, so do not wear degree same. Every so often a change to the tire position, tire wear uniformity can be maintained, and extend tire life.

If a tire wear Is too severe, can cause excessive wheel imbalance, Will produce high-frequency oscillating at high speed, causing the tire uneven wear It Is not conducive to road safety. It Is recommended that owners traveling 5000 kilometers per tire rotation should be done once every travel 5000 km ~ 10,000 kilometers to do a wheel alignment, in order to avoid excessive tire wear abnormally.

expired tires can not be used

and perhaps some small partners see here may feel confused, but also expired tires ? Yes, there Is also the life of the tire. As a tire rubber products, long-term exposure to air, and over time Will produce aging, cracking, etc., seriously affect the normal use of the Car, and even affect driving safety.

In general, tire life 2 years to 3 years or traveling around 60,000 kilometers, more than life or have severely worn tires should be replaced .

clean up gravel or debrIs

Cars Will inevitably get stuck in the process of moving some gravel or other the debrIs, the best regular clean up, because the bead of the tire has a drainage function of the seam, sew if the tire Is filled, it Will affect the drainage performance.

and if the Card to the sharp stones that may puncture tires, which harm than good. So the owners always pay attention to see whether there Is a kind of gravel tire debrIs.