Old drivers to teach you: car maintenance attention to these points, drove with more confidence!

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, growing economic strength, people Will choose to buy a Car as a means of transport, we often hear people say, buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult, we Will not speak of maintenance problems besides Cars, fuel for vehicles, it Is not a small expenditure for the Car thIs huge object Is, no matter what your vehicle Is broken, maintenance when are spending a small fortune.

It Is for Car people, how can we correct Care of their Cars, but also to save part of the money? I believe thIs Is a problem vast majority of owners are most concerned about, then here we take a look at it, on the Issue of Car maintenance, he often encountered, how should solve it? Learn these tips, the future Will not have to worry about Car maintenance aspects of a problem.

Under normal circumstances, when we start the Car, there Will not be any noIse, but if there Is one day when start the Car, the engine Is heard engine makes a sound, it might be a problem with the Car’s engine, the engine sound, a large part caused by the belt, if the belt Is not a long time to adjust, it Will appear with aging, so thIs time we want to the timely replacement of the belt.


Normally when we buy a new Car, a new Car that would be quite a treasure, like we just bought a new pair of shoes, it Is fear of being stepped on, like others, when our Car problem, the first thought Is to go to 4s shops to repair it, for the novice, they feel 4s shop say what Is right, but based on many years of experience, older drivers , 4s shop to do most of the maintenance Is not necessary.

If the Car Is not there have been any major parts problem, and that the general Car maintenance Is mainly and oil-related, and when we give the Car oil changes, does not play a role in the oil quickly, but after a period of time such as engine oil performance to fully play outCome, then through a period of change, the performance of the oil showed a gradual downward trend.

Now, with the change of air, dirty air filter Will soon, if not timely replacement, it would cause an increase in Automobile fuel consumption, leading to a series of Car problems, so we have to cultivate the habit of regularly check the air filter, air filter once dIscovered appeared excessive dust, then clean-up Will be Carried out in a timely manner, if found to clean up dirty words , direct change in the new air filter, replace the air filter Is in fact very simple, a person can own to complete the dIsmantling of the air cleaner. Thank you readers who read and watch, thank you for your support!

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