Old drivers advice: these three car maintenance projects do not do, but also a waste of time to waste money

older drivers advice: these three Car maintenance projects do not do, but also a waste of time to waste money

Now, Car owners become more and more and more. Car to our lives a lot of convenience, but also saves a lot of time. With the development of the Automotive market, a variety of new Car after another, the price Is also very attractive. Many owners excitedly buying Cars, have said: buying a Car Is easy, but to keep a Car difficult.

Will not speak refueling expensive, it just has a lot of Car maintenance thIs doorway. Many owners regard the maintenance of the Car thIs thing entirely to 4s shops to do. If you do not know when or to what maintenance parts and maintenance, not only it Is easy to waste money, and may also cause excessive maintenance on the Car.

Today, Meng sIster Is to tell you the advice of older drivers, the following three maintenance projects do not do, time-consuming and costly for the Car Is not good!

First: washing the engine compartment. General after the Car Is dirty, go to the general Car wash Car wash only give the Car exterior and interior cleaning process. Whether the owners themselves or Car wash workers, generally do not Care about the Car’s launch bay. 4s shop to open, the staff put your engine compartment open, you Will see a variety of expected dust, sludge. At thIs time, 4s shop staff Will agitate the owners of cleaning the engine compartment. Here, we must remind you: If the engine compartment Is not very dirty, Is not necessary to clean up. Remember, do not own at home wash the engine compartment. Because, if there are electrical excuse not done waterproofing, or spark plug Careless water, damage to the Car it Is very large.

Second: clean oil. many 4s shop owners to maintain that they Will be tempted various staff recommendation. If the owner of the Car maintenance thIs not done its homework, it Is easy to make a counterproductive thing: for example, to clean up the oil. Staff generally recommend owners to clean up the oil tank and coke, and then give some dIscount packages, inexperienced owners Will naturally be tempted. In fact, there Is no fault Car in questionWhen the engine oil and fuel tanks often can not clean up Carbon deposits. Frequency of cleaning up Carbon tank more frequently Will lead to continued deterioration in the quality of our tank, which Is typical of excessive maintenance.

Third: tire maintenance. many owners Will have doubts, every time I go 4s shop, the staff Will recommend doing tire maintenance and maintenance of brakes, which have no effect on driving safety it? We need to know Is: In general, Car tires do not need any maintenance, as long as the attention to the sensitivity of the brakes in the usual driving on it; and, maintenance of the brakes Is not ignored, basically every travel ten thousand kilometers conduct a maintenance situation under way to check the brake pads Will suffice.

for Car people, the Car Is like a friend, take good Care of it Is necessary. So pay attention to these three points are necessary. Do you have anything to add? Welcome messages dIscussed.