Old driver Reminder: these types of car maintenance Is not necessary to do 4S shop to rely on thIs pit novice!

for the Car, every Car owners are very Caring of those rough guys who even said that “the Car Is hIs second wife, the need for good Care!” As for those female owner goes without saying it? Nature Is more of a love. I believe a year on Car maintenance, Car owners have spent a lot of savings it. But you know what? ThIs Is because of the mentality of the owners, 4S shop would like to sell a variety of products on Car maintenance, ranging from a few hundred to as many as several thousand, in fact, have no use. Here, the old driver reminder: It Is not necessary to do some Car maintenance, 4S shop to rely on thIs pit novice!

a maintenance Car tires. For the tires of the Car, as we all know, it Is to support the important parts of Cars for it, we still very important. Therefore, to the 4S shop, they said the letter, cleaning and maintenance of the tire innocently. But in fact, their maintenance Is casually rub, playing the point wax, no use. If we are with the tires oil, Is the need to use a special detergent cleaning. Besides, the general tire about six years, with or without wear and tear, need to be replaced, there Is no maintenance necessary.

Second, the Car air conditioner cleaning. Do not use air conditioning for a long time, Will breed a lot of bacteria, there Will be a lot of dust, which for our bodies Will be of great harm. But the 4S shop Is clean air fungicide spray it, sometimes change the air filter, wipe the dust. Specific usually used in negative net Who knows, anyway, air conditioning outside on the way, say, the work the owners themselves can also be done, no need to spend that money wasted.

Third, the washing tank. Water tank Is also necessary to be cleaned, but not necessary to the 4S shop for cleaning. Do you think cleaning the water tank 4S shop Is to be removed to clean the inside of the dirt? Do not naive, in fact, take the water Will rush out attachments nothing, you can do it. Such a thing, in the 4S shop a few hundred dollars, and then washing line Is more than ten dollars, and some do not even ask for money, if it Is in their own words, there Is nothing more than a waste water point.

Fourth, the engine clean. We have no such experience: obviously he Is to the 4S shop oil change, engineFilter, the results do not know how to become a clean engine, the engine made a maintenance depth. In fact, thIs Is completely unnecessary, although the engine used in the process Will produce some impurities, but the role Is to filter machine filter impurities, so we only need to replace oil, filter it.