Old driver Reminder: car maintenance of these items Is not necessary, a waste of money!

At present, the development of U.S.’s Auto market Is already very large. As the core around the Car. It has formed a complete industrial chain. Car repair and maintenance work in the increasingly important position. A good after-sales service Is also an important factor in their purchase of a Car capable of appealing. The current growing number of Auto 4S shop no longer rely on selling Cars to make money. But more and more rely on the service to earn living expenses. So the launch of four s store maintenance service after another. Of course, vehicle maintenance Is very important. But many unnecessary maintenance, waste of energy owners, owners spend money. For Car owners, if you do not know what maintenance Is necessary. Will inevitably be a pit, it did it would cost a lot of money wasted. Experienced owners to tell you, what kind of maintenance projects Is not necessary. These projects reduce maintenance, save you money a lot of money. Old driver Reminder: Car maintenance of these items Is not necessary, a waste of money!

vehicle maintenance done like friends all know that glass of water and antifreeze added problem. In fact, thIs problem Is very simple, completely unnecessary to do four s shop. It should be noted Is, never made a mIstake. If you could not tell, then let a knowledgeable person to teach it. Because it really s shop costs do not only high, but also a waste of time. ThIs kind of thing can operate completely on my own.

Is on the other hand nacelle. General cleaning Car wash to clean all exterior surfaces. Then clean the interior. Almost no engine cabin cleaning. But the engine compartment of a surprIse, do not do casual. Because it involves a number of circuit switching. Once inadvertent leakage Will occur caused great damage to the vehicle. So when we exercIse our locomotive cabin really dirty again 4s shop for professional cleaning. So for the cleaning problems of the nacelle, and do not require frequent cleaning to go. Have you learnt that?

There Is maintained on a wheel. We all know the wheels of maintenance Is very important. The body mainly by gravity subjected to the gear wheel, are subjected to a lot of losses per day. So the importance of the wheels Is very large. Many 4sShop owners hope to do maintenance on the wheel area. The cleaning waxing pair of wheels. ThIs Is often useful simply not big. ThIs Is simply not necessary. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appearance, the vehicle Is not their role.

Finally, we would like to say Is wiper blade. When we have problems we all like products with the best price and quality most expensive. If we go to 4s shops, it may be very costly. In fact, there Is no need, we can go to a regular store brand power, it Is not so high. In fact, the effect Is the same. In thIs way, we can save money.

on these points you learn it?