Old driver alerts, vehicle maintenance Is not so simple, the maintenance Is also key

about Car maintenance, even veteran drivers are not lightly proficient, it Is easy to overlook some of the key Issues, spent the money did not lead to maintenance of good Cars, older drivers want to remind you that Car in fact, far from maintenance imagine them so simple, Is not only more important Car maintenance, Car maintenance needs to be done after also critical.

In the braking system to maintain an Example. Brake system which we often use to drive the process, for the brake pads, brake dIscs and other accessories are generally more serious wear and tear, to a certain number of years, after a certain mileage for maintenance of the brake system becomes very crucial. Like brake pads wear extent that nearly a third of the time, it must be replaced with new brake pads up.

Some of the more advanced model configuration, when the brake pad wear reaches a certain level, there Will be Automatic alerts. The owners usually have to pay attention when the Car driving to about 60,000 km, when almost want to consider replacing the brake pads, it Is best to ask a professional service personnel and maintenance.

Xiao Bian want to say Is the focus, not just brake pads maintenance professionals to be replaced, owners follow-up operation Is also critical in the maintenance of complete after the brakes, vehicle owners must personally test the feeling of the foot brake, the Car owners for their condition should be more familiar with, and whether the same feeling before Is very important.

Further, it Is preferable to maintain in the time to test the direct braking effect, check the installation Is appropriate, storage installation unreasonable absence thIs step Is critical, directly related to safety after the Car you drive, the problem Is solved on the spot.