Often long dIstances? Knowledge of car maintenance and you know how much, and finally a very practical!

often long dIstances? Knowledge of Car maintenance and you know how much, and finally a very practical!

because there are a lot of Car owners should always travel at the same time because of business reasons Will travel by Car, after all, thIs Is a relatively tired, but highly arbitrary, it Is quite easy, but often long-dIstance driving, the vehicle can be considered a major test, the maintenance of which naturally do well, or halfway problem and affect it quite uneconomical. But for the owners often long dIstances, the Car maintenance and how much you know about it? The following small series Will take you to learn to understand, for your reference.

In fact, we all know that at long dIstances when the first Is to conduct a more comprehensive Care, the most common Is the 4S shop to run, or to Carry out Car factory maintenance, the contents of tire balancing, wheel alignment, shock absorbers, steering, brake and hand brake, tire pressure, and other tests to focus on that matter following small few.


The importance of thIs small series tire goes without saying that the Car’s “foot” no a good pair of “foot” walking Is very difficult. So for the inspection of the tire Is very important, we must first be noted that the problem of tire tire pressure Is adequate, whether there Is enough leak case, Will check clear, but also on the surface of the tire to perform some checks whether there Is the emergence of a common plan marks or other injuries to determine whether to replace new tires based on serious cases. Long dIstances Is the most expensive tire, so be sure to focus on the maintenance of the tire.

braking systems

The project fact, the average teacher Will still focus attention on when maintenance Is, after all, the brake Is life-saving skills, very important, without it the Car Will be like the Mustang off the reins, once up and running, they can not control. To check the adequacy of brake fluid, brake pads for wear as well as serious problems after the first time found to be processed first.

Maintenance of the engine (pyrophoric)

For thIs point it should be noted that the Car ignition Is often the case, in fact, thIs Is not a lot of the time the Car itself quality problems, but some of the older models, there are a lot of oil in the engine compartment, not cleaned up over many years, once the long drive, could make the engine problem Is too high, causing the engine compartment fire. Finally, because there Is no fire extinguIshing means on board, the Car firing backbone. So proper maintenance of cleanliness in the engine compartment when maintenance Is also necessary after all, so you can see the cabin in time exudate, easy maintenance.

to maintain full oil state

For thIs point many owners think before departure Is full of oil on the line, leaving only less than half the time and then the next refuel too late, so do not back oil, may have a number of fuel-efficient, in fact, thIs Is not absolutely necessary, colleagues approach Is wrong, and now are using gasoline tank fuel pump to cool down the heat, if less frequently for the heat pump to run the oil situation Is very unfavorable, once the long-running long dIstances Is very prone to mechanical failure. So every petrol station to refuel, not only can protect your Car, but also allows the owner to take a break, so driving more secure. For thIs very practical, we might as well try.