Often a month or washing a car wash? Better cars here Maintenance

Is not very envious of some Cars even open for many years, but like “Tianshan tong lao” Like “Totale have surgery,” body and almost new Car? I am not very puzzled Why some new Cars, not take long to open “face Is gone,” feeling abandoned Car not far away? Do not think that Is because the former pay big bucks, to get the Car to the 4S shop every day to do “great Care”, or that the latter Is a big heart, indifferent to their own Car, in fact, thIs result did not just illustrate aspects of the Car wash owners done.

riders in circles, have always been a problem for the novice driver friends, we all know to take a good Care of their Car, so as to make its life a little longer, but the problem once the implementation of specific aspects, many novice drivers friends Will be confused, so today curator came a hundred hundred regular Car wash Car wash and a month does not, in the end what kind of approach Is more hurt the Car?

In general, paint thickness of body appearance Will be relatively thin, in the Car wash, some cleanup tools 4S stores used in chemical composition, it Is there might cause harm paint, even paint Will have a corrosive effect, that Is to say, if you frequently wash, then paint Will therefore gradually damaged, then curator suggest that owners of a friend, if the Car Is not dirty, there Is no need to launch “over the top” skills, month, a Car wash Is also possible.

Although the curator Is not very often wash suggest that owners of friends, but there was a great man said, everything should be a concrete analysIs of specific Issues, in fact, it Is the frequency of Car wash and local air quality are closely linked, if the owners of a friend who often live in areas where air quality Is apt to severe pollution, then the dust Will accelerate the speed of the body, in thIs case, of course, Car wash frequency Will be relatively higher, must wash basic week.

If the owners friends live in better air quality in the region, there Is no annoying haze days, then do not often go to the Car wash, and a month wash full enough, one did not need to waste the money, after all the dust speed of the Car Is not fast, the second Is the paint, Is also a good protection.

Of course, in order to save the Car wash charges, while avoiding the chemical composition of the cleaning tool 4S shop in damage to the paint, the curator Is very suggest that owners of friends, yourself Car wash, thIs exercIse can effectively pull the dIstance between the tight family, but other seasons are good, in summer, be sure to note the following three points, otherwIse it might as well spend money to take Care 4S.

1, do not use alkaline detergent

curator often hear some novice drivers laundry powder, soap and water to wash, may be thinking of these things are used to wash clothes, used Car Is not exactly right? In fact, washing powder, soap contains a large amount of a basic substance, easily corrosive effect of the paint, if the prolonged use of thIs cleaning agent, so that the body Will become dull, to become said before Car change “scrap Car”, very old.

2, not exposure

greatest feature Is the summer sun sinIster, there are a lot of novice drivers in Car wash then, too lazy to dry, use sunlight to think, let it be dried quickly, in fact, for paint, Is simply a “torture”! After washing the Car, the paint surface Will form a water film, since the water surface Is non-uniform, then a large amount of sunlight can be gathered, so that local temperature rIse Cars, Cars or even burn the skin, so that damage to the paint .

At the same time, the direct sunlight after the Car, if poured cold water, it Is easy to paint and cracked due to the thermal expansion and contraction, so that , owners and friends to save money on purpose fully achieved, even spend more to the 4S shop price up painting, coupled with the paint color of the Car and some not so good supplement, which Will become a permanent Car body pain .

3, choosing the right cleaning tools

Although the Car thIs “big man” Is not so “hypocritical” but as one of the main assets of the family, friends curator believe many owners Will choose to treat each other gently as possible, then the Car wash when we should pay attention to the use of tools, such as the best use of the seaCotton cleaning Car paint, scrub with a soft towel window glass, use a hair brush to clean the tires and so on. At the same time, remember not only the entire process with a towel so that the paint Is very unfriendly, it Is easy to lose luster finIsh, scratches and even make the body more harm than good.