Novice just bought a car, I do not know so maintenance? ThIs article lets you know car maintenance seconds

into the spring, the weather Is becoming warm up, but the ensuing virus Is quietly growing. Car and we just like humans, if a long time Will inevitably go wrong, does not properly take Care of, there Will be serious illness oh. After many novice buy a Car, for the maintenance of thIs piece of knowledge can be said to be completely unreasonable, the Car Will be a period of time because they do not Care or external reasons, resulting in damage to the Car.

In fact, the so-called maintenance, under normal circumstances are some of the examination and treatment of small Cars. Change the oil filter and air filter machine that we live in the north owners who want to do the work every day. Generally when opened 10,000 kilometers of time, you can do some ordinary little maintenance, so better to oil the entire vehicle, including the engine damage Will be greatly reduced.

In thIs process, we must first choose a good point of the oil. I suggest that you have chosen your point. Because relatively few impurities first, second for engine lubrication and cooling effect Is much better than cheap oil, then there are relatively long period, saving you the cost.

Some people find that they are not very’m driving down the road, the Car had to buy a new Car after placing it, many people feel that since I did not open Is not We can not maintain a. In actual fact, the longer the time to put the Car but the more likely a big problem, especially in the garage more than a month of the Car need to observe some Car shop Will have any potential problems. Many major Car for some time without a Car, then, Is to put the Car sewing.

us to put on such a set of Car safety clothing, in fact, do not want to keep the Car clean for a long time. After all, no one wants to travel back in time to use the Car, saw the Car are all a thick layer of garbage, right? However, the idea Is very nice, to buy eight children of a practical protective clothing Is not easy. Sometimes a bad buy, it Will have adverse consequences caused by scratches on the vehicle, a lot of blood Will inevitably have to go to the Car repair shop.

battery on each vehicle Is also worth noting that when our CarWhen a long time of no use, the battery Will dIscharge into the state. In fact, a lot of electrical appliances in everyday life if not a long time are like thIs. Differences in the extent of dIscharge, began a period of time no use can lead to power loss, reduce the time to use. If you find that the problem can be removed to repair the battery.

The same shock absorbers also need our Careful Care. Place a long time, the effect of the shock absorber Is compromIsed, the entire system becomes rigid. If you do not Care to fix thIs problem, when we drew up on the gravel road when the Car Will feel the impact from the bottom up energy. What Is more, the tires Will not grip the ground, resulting in the Car began to skid. ,

Then the spark plug, you are not familiar with. Many of my friends are able to change yourself down, but do not know if you can fix your own firing line on the road? I certainly believe many people Will not even concerned about the point the line of fire. Because the ignition wire frequency of use Is very high, so prone to soften rotten phenomenon, causing the vehicle to power down. So we usually should pay more attention thIs Issue has still to find a professional repairman to solve it.

Therefore, novice faithful Car, now we know the Car maintenance knowledge, right?