Novice drivers should pay attention to vehicle maintenance, especially these points, the old drivers know

With the economic level, the Car has gradually spread up, vehicle maintenance has become a hot topic, but for some novice drivers, too, requires special attention to some Car maintenance, especially in thIs Some old drivers know, but did not know much about novice drivers, or to focus on what Is.

first thing to understand Is to replace the Car’s engine oil maintenance. ThIs Is a very common Car maintenance projects, many older drivers are able to complete their own hands, but to a novice driver, it must pay attention to the maintenance of the replacement cycle, such as fully synthetic oil, Is the only required maintenance every 10,000 km of course thIs number Is not accurate, but also to the specific binding of Car use.

In addition to the oil itself, also has some oil filter replacement and maintenance periods. Has a role in protecting the oil, and even to some extent in terms of, Is more important than oil, it can effectively prevent air among the dust and impurities into the oil, to ensure the quality of the oil, who under normal circumstances, oil filters and oil, replace the maintenance cycle They are the same.

A third Is the antifreeze maintenance considerations. Although the name has antifreeze antifreeze function, but its role among the real-life application, there Is a certain cooling of the engine, allowing the engine continues to run at high temperatures. The replacement cycle Is generally two years time, but we must pay attention, do not mix.

The last Is a replacement cycle brake pads. For vehicles, the brake system Is a very important system, brake pads for Cars brake has a very important role, Is about 80,000 km mileage Normally, you need to replace the maintenance time.