Novice car must see, thIs 10 car maintenance tips, you know?

1, the body’s aging, sCars inspection and maintenance tips

No matter what kind of Car Will have a large or small sCars. Injuries cause much damage to the paint table? How can I repair? We must consider the proper dIsposal methods. If it Is less vIsible sCars, smart way Is simply not worry about him.

2, wear sCar repair and maintenance tips:

all the Cars have abrasions, the best method of repairing a flaw in the same part of the body to fill coating agent. Coating agent can be coated once more twice, three times, the number, the cleaner Will be coated. But even handle the entire body Is also important.

3, a small sCar repair and maintenance tips:

body if the injuries found, first contact degree examination sCars of the manufacturers, if only very shallow table scratch paint, immediately treated with a mixture, a straight line wiper wiping method. After the sCar dIsappears, with finer mixture resort to waxing after wiping.

4, scratching, flaking paint table repair and maintenance tips:

more deep sCars, the focus Is to observe the metal surface Is exposed, and if you do not see the metal surface Will not rust, can concentrate coated with a modified paint. Place the tip up with a little bit, and then wait for the paint Is completely dry.

5, deep sCar repair and maintenance tips:

deep sCars but slender, with colored putty can be repaired very well . At sCars with sandpaper, it should not expand the sCar surface, it Is important to clear the dirty clean. Putty Carefully smear, make it completely into the interior. And finally coated with mixer, waxing, wrapping it up.

6, the recess repair and maintenance tips:

Depression treatment Is the maintenance of the body one of the most troublesome work, it Is important to lay the foundation, if thIs step Is done, no matter how well the results are paintingPoor. When painting, do not forget to cover the well with a Newspaper around, so do not spread to the surrounding paint.

7, rust countermeasures trick:

found that rust immediately addressed, if left unchecked, Will slowly rust expand. The rust preventing method Is to wipe with sandpaper, or by making changes in the chemical synthesIs rust agent. Depending on the circumstances, they were used.

8, leakage countermeasure tips: around the

doors, trunk of adhesive waterproof off easily dIstorted. But if there Is no rupture, deformation, can be used again, simply re-paste it, you can prevent water leakage. Restore elasticity of the rubber itself Is also important protective agent.