Note, vehicle maintenance and what do not be too much for car maintenance

face Is that Car later bought some maintenance Issues above, if the Car maintenance Is better, the Car might have a few more years of life, when sold as a used Car can also sell very high price, and Car maintenance of traffic safety also has a certain influence, there are like friends to take a look at it.

First oil change Is a project Car maintenance, all the Cars are basically need to replace the oil, replace the oil when we need to pay attention to replacement of oil before, we must the rest of the Car put the old oil out, and now a new bottle of engine oil may also remaining a lot, because you must not throw a pity because, put all the remaining new oil added, the Car Will cause a bad influence, Change the oil when not more, not less.

paint protection, paint protection Is most concerned about the problem of Caring for the Car, he could not take Care of the performance of the Car interior, the Car, but for the appearance of the Car Is very concerned about, there Is also a paint protection considerations, some people may have their own Car wash habits, wash the Car when we must pay attention to, not always washing, Car washing, then let Cars often lose their luster paint white Car phenomenon if you frequently wash, then may appear yellowIsh, there Is waxing sealing glaze and are often not easy to do. Like the need to maintain the normal maintenance time, of course, if your work environment Is filled with some of the dust, waving some of the more powerful corrosive substance, then thIs Will be a Car wash on an individual basIs.

check that the brake system, Auto brake active safety systems for motor vehicles, Is the first hurdle of traffic safety protection, and most importantly, brakes for brake systems Is the need to always check, such as brake pads are not required to be replaced, there Is brake failure and so does not appear in the use of the process, there Is the replacement of brake oil Is also very important to check the Car brake fluid Is not enough , brake fluid which Is to be noted that the air can not enter.

Car tire checks, Car tire inspection for owners often run high speed Is very important, because when a high speedOnce the Cars appear flat tire phenomenon, the consequences are very serious, it could endanger the lives of drivers, so for checking tire Is very important, the Car Is not adequate tire pressure, tire thickness need not need to be replaced, and there are no pebbles trapped inside the tires, etc., it Is the need for a detailed examination.

the use of antifreeze, the antifreeze believe we should all know, Is now approaching the summer, many people may not be used antifreeze, but suggest that you Whether in winter or summer are used antifreeze, water or mineral water if you use words Is prone to dirt, but with antifreeze may be exempt from thIs, at the time of purchase antifreeze must choose a trusted brand Buy, do not go to buy some of the poor quality of use.

Car wiper, Car wiper belonging to the Car’s consumables, now Is the summer, when rain the weather in summer Is very large, should always check the wiper Is good or bad and also check the wiper there Is not some gravel or sand Is great to go above the wind, if any, need to be promptly removed to prevent when using windshield wipers Will cause scratches. Some older age of the Car to check the skeleton Is not rusty, rusty wiper best time Is more slippery, or else become embroidered water after rain when it rains blending, not a good cleaning. Very much above the Car needs maintenance place, here simply say to check on a few Automotive appearance and some security aspects, we hope to be able to help.