Note that thIs several car maintenance? It can be a good car maintenance

for the maintenance of the Car Is concerned, each driver in the part in the daily concern Is not the same, in fact, on thIs piece of Automotive maintenance operations, most of the time would choose to Carry out maintenance in the 4s shop. For example, say you, note that several Car maintenance, can be a good Car to be serviced.

1, in accordance with regular maintenance does not require harsh

vehicle inspection for many the owner Is a time-consuming thing, so regular maintenance Is not necessary. And maintenance of the Car Is not at the time, but by condition Carried out, if the maintenance in time, we are likely to mIss the best maintenance time.

ThIs reasoning Is the same and on a regular maintenance 4s shop Is actually proposed to shorten the time of maintenance, and in order to earn more profit. In general, when we maintain a big Car, the air cleaner and oil generally, filters, fuel filters (outer fuel tank built filtered) replaced together.

4s shop to make a profit which can be said to start from the middle of maintenance, so no matter what corner of the vehicle owners Will recommend maintenance, such as speaking on the tire. Summer, scorching high temperatures Is easy to make your Car frequent failure, but many owners take preventive measures, sometimes we absolutely do not need to tire maintenance, air conditioning system, cooling system, engine compartment and wiring harness, tires, spark plugs from the Car exterior …… the braking system, all-round well-maintained.

At present, among consumers to buy new Cars, though the new Car Is running very necessary for these consumers, how to dIspose of your old Car Is main problem. Knowledge Car maintenance Car engine Is the heart of the Car, especially in the rainy season of multiple and high and sometimes low temperatures, likely to cause damage, engine maintenance Car Is good or bad directly affects the performance of the Car and its service life of Car engine .